#teamHDP – #Venezuelan #hacker group exposes #DCGIM and #SEBIN

“To the Venezuelan regime we are ready by land, sea and air, have the certainty that we will be relentless and will unleash all God’s rage upon whomever tries to stop us in the liberation.
The war will not be in Colombia or Brazil it will be in Venezuela against you”

“Neither the tunnels or the fortifications you have built will be enough to protect you from your fate.
We have eyes in all military units, in your security circles,DGCIM and police units. We know where you are,what do you do and what you stop doing. It is only a matter of time”

teamHDP is a Venezuelan hacker group that exposed a lot confidential Info about DCGIM and SEBIN activities in foreign territory.

both SEBIN and DGCIM agents have taken advantage of the massive displacement of Venezuelan citizens to Colombia, and other countries of the American continent to carry out the objectives contemplated in the “Counterintelligence Officer Work Plan.”

Names, profiles, locations, tasks and work plan of the “Escudo Protector de las Fuerzas Armadas Bolivarianas de Venezuela” as the DGCIM calls itself, evidence the work of espionage, sabotage, destabilization, terrorism and criminal activity carried out by this “Military Institution” in Colombian (and foreign) territory described in the reports leaked by live sources.