The Year in Review – Stormous Ransomware – Dark Sat

A year full of attacks and profit we had in the biggest breaches of major companies.
There is only a little time left, and the year 2021 was filled with some major breakthroughs:

  • IBM
  • MBC
  • devloper
  • Nigeria Governments
  • Chinese governments
  • Infiltration of the largest Israeli hospital
  • Attacks and defacement of international private Israeli websites

Our hack ranks as one of the biggest hacks of 2021 and one of the biggest threats from some of America’s broad attacks.

Stormus and DarkSat is one of the hacking groups working on companies and on dark web sites. It does not unite leaks on the number of members or where we work in order to keep someone from uttering words like members or still working on normal applications. We do not touch anyone and do not take an example on anyone who is waiting, until he stops barking like his brothers and we continue our work.
We are waiting for a night in several other offensive news that will be classified at the beginning of 2022, the beginning of a new horror.

To request followers, an educational feature will be increased by DarkSat pirates here
#STORMOUS_Ransomware attack on major companies 2022.