Iran – cyber attack! Not a cyber attack, oh uh, a cyber attack…

Tehran – IRNA – After a few hours after the cyber attack on the smart fuel system, the situation has gradually become normal and the supply of gasoline in the stations that are out of orbit is going on at a free rate; Of course, it is not yet possible to supply gasoline at subsidized rates.

“A spokesman for the National Petroleum Products Distribution Company stressed several times in the middle of the day, in various conversations, that “this disruption is not due to system hacking and was a technical problem.” Fatemeh Kahi also stated at 2:00 PM yesterday that “the issue of the cyber attack is ruled out and committees are investigating the causes”

According to IRNA on Tuesday, before noon today, a malfunction in the intelligent fuel system caused the cessation of gasoline supply throughout the country.

Based on their own reporting, the system is weak and they looked to protect the ration cards, not causing panic, giving away free gas with no impacts to people’s ration cards. Rationalizing: Authorities compare the attack as commonplace since China, the US, Russia have had such issues… “we are like the superpowers…” – T71

The system malfunction, which most people expected to resolve within minutes, continued, and people who went to gas stations empty-handed realized that there was no gas for at least a few hours.

Iran’s smart fuel system is not complicated, but it has a large number of terminals;  Therefore, attacking such systems is not a difficult task, and perhaps with more precautions, we would not even see an interruption in service.

At first, all government posts where from IRGC leadership and Passive Defense accusing Israel. Then civilian authorities stepped in to calm the masses and panic. – T71

The story begins at 11 o’clock in the morning

The disruption of the intelligent fuel system, which started at about 11 am in Tehran, gradually spread to other provinces. Of course, in the first hour, there was almost no reaction and only a few people mentioned it in cyberspace.

“… the Iranian Petroleum Products Distribution Company denied any cyber attack, calling it a system malfunction. But at the same time, Noor News published a special news item stating that “the disruption in the refueling system at the gas station was due to a cyber attack. The details of this cyber attack and its origin are under investigation, and additional information will be released after the final summary. “Technical experts are solving the problem”

But as the disorder progressed, formal reactions began. The first reaction came from a spokesman for the Ministry of Oil.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Oil, referring to a malfunction in receiving gasoline through the fuel smart card, said that the smart fuel card system was out of order and that the reason for the malfunction was a technical problem.

However, he stressed that the cause of this technical problem is still unknown.

With the first official reaction, a wave of news and rumors began.

Gasoline rumor and Interior Minister denial

The first rumor that circulated with the non-supply of oil at gas stations and even reached cyberspace was the price of gasoline.

The price of gasoline, of course, had made headlines in the past few days, and some channels in cyberspace had announced the single price of gasoline and the price of up to 14,000 tomans. This, of course, has been denied many times.

In this case, too, the interior minister blamed the disruption on some gas stations for technical and system problems, and said that the problem would be resolved soon.

Ahmad Vahidi, regarding the disruption to some gas stations, said: “The disruption in the provision of services at some gas stations is due to a technical and systemic problem that will be fixed soon.”

Emphasizing that there is no plan to increase the price of gasoline, the interior minister said: “People should not worry.”

Global shutdown of gas stations

Although it was announced in the early hours that the supply of gasoline is difficult only with the fuel card and people can receive gasoline at an unlimited free rate, IRNA field observations indicated the complete closure of gas stations.

It was later announced that in order to receive gasoline even at the free rate, the intelligent fuel system at the gas stations had to be taken out of operation manually, and experts from the National Iranian Petroleum Products Distribution Company were sent to deny it. However, for a few hours, no gasoline was supplied in the country and the only gasoline exchange was between cars that sometimes sold up to 5,000 tomans per liter of gasoline.

We do not have a shortage of fuel

The increase in the number of refueling stations that returned to orbit prompted the National Petroleum Products Distribution Company to publish a list of these stations so that those in urgent need of gasoline could visit them to get the fuel they needed.

As announced by the National Iranian Petroleum Products Distribution Company, at present (18:30 on Tuesday) 70 fixed stations and 33 P2 (mobile refueling) vehicles are active in Tehran.

The Deputy Minister of Oil also emphasized: with the measures taken, the problem of fuel supply in the stations will be resolved in a few hours.

Jalil Salari stated: “There is no problem in terms of fuel transfer and transfer, and only now the communication will be temporary manually, and therefore there will be no need for a fuel card and connection to the system system.”

The Deputy Minister of Oil also noted that the country’s fuel reserves are sufficient and in some cases even the field of fuel exports is available.

While the supply of gasoline was completely stopped, but because the CNG stations are not connected to the intelligent system, there was no disruption in the supply of this fuel.

A CNG expert said that the CNG stations are not connected to the intelligent system, adding that there is no problem in delivering fuel to the CNG stations.

Mohsen Johari, referring to the disruption in gasoline delivery, continued: There is a disruption in the intelligent system.

Johari added: “Because CNG is not connected to the intelligent system, there is no problem in fuel delivery.”

The cyber attack was confirmed

Although it was announced in the early hours that there was no cyber attack, this possibility gradually grew.

The National Cyberspace Center issued a statement confirming the cyber attack on the country’s smart fuel system, announcing that refueling would return to normal within a few hours.

Confirming the news, the National Cyberspace Center issued a statement regarding the cyber attack on the intelligent fuel system.

The announcement states: “It informs our compatriots that at 11:00 AM on Tuesday, the 4th of November, 1400, the Efta Center announced a report on a cyber attack on the country’s intelligent fuel system, and as a result, the stations went out of service in providing refueling services.” .

He added: “In this regard, the relevant devices are solving the problem and refueling services will return to normal in a few hours.”

After the cessation of fuel supply in the country’s stations after the cyber attack this morning, now a number of gas stations have started their activities offline and supply gasoline at free rates.

Fatemeh Kahi, emphasizing that in most parts of the country, the supply of gasoline in gas stations has begun, said: For example, in Tehran, there are now 52 active stations.

In this regard, the Iranian Petroleum Products Distribution Company has published a list of active locations throughout the country that is being updated and can be accessed from here.

Gradual supply of gasoline with the return of stations

The deployment of experts was successful, and fuel stations gradually entered the supply circuit, selling gasoline at a second rate.

The director of the intelligent fuel system, referring to the solution of refueling problems in gas stations, said: in the next few hours, more than 70% of the stations that can supply fuel will be set up and activated.

Masoud Rezaei, referring to the problems in the gas station stations, added: “We have a parallel solution in this regard, some stations are being set up outside the system and outside the quota, respectively, so that refueling can be done at a free price and Quoted at the rate of three thousand tomans, also after solving the problem, quotas will be activated again.

According to the director of the intelligent fuel system, experts will gradually return to the level of the station and will solve the problem.

He added: “We ask the people not to gather if a station is closed and it is not possible to refuel, and to refer to other stations that have been set up.”

Firoozabadi: A cyber attack on fuel stations has occurred by a foreign country

Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace: Today’s cyber attack did not cause any hardware or hardware damage, and the solution to the problem has been identified in a short period of time, and gradually by tomorrow at noon, the problem will be completely solved in person at all locations.

This attack was carried out by a foreign country with the aim of disrupting the service to the people, and recently we have witnessed the same type of attack in the railway system, which was resolved quickly.

Due to the previous arrangements and the native nature of the designs, no damage was done to people’s information on the servers and it will not be done in any way.  The level of this attack was not high eithe