PATHOLOGY of WESTERN GAMES as defined by Iranian hackers and their analysis of Western video games – (emulation?)


    • Save the world
    • Femininity
    • Or proof of concept?
    • Nature and culture
    • The relative values
    • Defect creation
    • Cultural induction
    • Evil sin
    • Violence and addiction
    • Political territory
    • Contempt of religions
    • Money axial
    • Aquaculture myth
    • Fantasy Aquaculture

Evil sin

    • Destructive nature of sin is sin
    • Style game is considered guilty
    • Simplified sin and encourage it
    • Test out of power

Violence and addiction

    • Innate violence!
    • Charm of violence
    • Addiction to violence
    • Recruiting + vulnerability

Political territory

    • Nuclear weapons is our right
    • The attack on the country, public opinion
    • And encourage justify the unjust war

Contempt of religions

    • Martyrdom or brainwashing?
    • Prayer and the Koran
    • God and prophets

Money axial

    • Everything has a price
    • Material and spiritual values of tradable
    • More money, be more value
    • Single axial direction and purpose

Aquaculture myth

    • A plurality of beliefs and thoughts
    • False charm mythology
    • Immersion of opinion in both

Fantasy Aquaculture

    • Sensitive use of dangerous fantasies
    • Western tendencies in children’s fantasies
    • The need for the West and Western Life

We do not target your children!

Save the world

    • Self or mission?
    • Become the goal of life
    • Destiny and change it
    • Negative indifference


    • The colder the better
    • Or man up, or not (poor women)
    • Kidd, jealousy, backbiting and betrayal
    • Credit from men

Or proof of concept

    • Black and white – color or concept?
    • Beauty Tools

Nature and culture

    • Worship is not in human nature!
    • Psychological roots
    • Stability and family life

The relative values

    • Killer hero
    • Good, Good
    • Wordplay

Defect creation

    • The world is imperfect and ناایده‌آل است
    • Imperfect human creation
    • Efforts to improve genetic and physical man!

Cultural induction

    • Eastern music, Western music
    • Science and Magic
    • Backwardness and progress
    • Introversion and extroversion


Dedicated to the presence of the Holy Guardian (s)


By Treadstone 71

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