Russian explanation of LORA missile systems in Azerbaijan

LORA missile systems: what is Azerbaijan using in Karabakh?

Main characteristics:
• Operational-tactical missile system LORA is produced in Israel.
• Designed to destroy infrastructures, air defense and missile defense systems, manpower accumulations, large warehouses and communication centers.
• Missiles are land-based and sea-based.
• The range of destruction reaches 300 kilometers.
• Lora missile length is five meters, total weight 1.7 tons, of which one ton is the mass of the warhead.
• The highest point of the rocket’s trajectory is 40 kilometers.

• It takes only 10 minutes to bring the complex into start-up state.
• LORA missiles are considered a difficult target for air defense and missile defense systems
• In 2017, the press reported that a LORA missile was shot down in the skies over Syria using the Russian Pantsir C1 air defense systems