Belgorod nuclear submarine carrier with Poseidon nuke drones to serve in Pacific

The Poseidon  intercontinental nuclear powered nuclear armed torpedo (also know as STATUS-6)
As per Russian sources, Poseidon is armed with a mammoth 100-megaton thermonuclear warhead.
To give subscribers a perspective here is a comparison.

The Russian army is ready to test a nuclear torpedo.  This weapon creates radioactive tsunamis that can sink large cities and leave them empty and uninhabited for decades.
Reuters wrote that the Poseidon 2M39 submarine nuclear torpedo with a range of 10,000 kilometers may easily reach the shores of the United States.

Poseidon is armed with a Cobalt bomb. A Cobalt bomb is a type of  “Salted bomb” a nuclear weapon designed to produce enhanced  amounts of radioactive fallout.

It can Travel at speeds of 100 knots ( 185km/h).
It has a range of 6,200 miles ( 10,000 km) and can travel at a maximum depth of 3,280 ( 1,000 meters)
This underwater drone have stealth technology to avoid detection.

Making nuclear tsunamis to flood and radioactively contaminate rival coasts. This wepon can create a tsunami wave up to 500 m tall that will radioactively contaminate enemy coastline
Destroying naval bases: being much smaller that a traditional submarine, The Poseidon could sneak very close to enemies naval bases and detonate itself causing tremendous damage to enemies naval assests.
Destroying US aircraft carriers: Russia’s main rival U.S has about 10 supercarriers in active service. Poseidon can be assigned to neutralize U.S carriers. Russia could quietly preposition a few of these on the floor of the oceans then remotely activate when in strike distance of a U.S carrier group.

Destroy US SSBN fleet: US currently has an Ohio SSBN fleet of 14 subs. This is scheduled to decline to 12 Columbia SSBN in the future. Poseidon can be tasked to tail these submarines and attack them in command. even a robust submarine of ohio class may not survive a 100 megaton warhead even when detonated 100 kms away.