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2017 Training Dates

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Treadstone 71 is working with FS-ISAC for training in London, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.

FS-ISAC Sponsored Courses:

Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Training
3-7 April | Reston, VA
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Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Training
8-12 May | London
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Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Training
19-23 June | Reston, VA
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Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Training
21-25 August | Reston, VA
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Full Suite of Cyber-Threat Intelligence and Counterintelligence Courses Ready for Global Delivery

Treadstone 71 today announced a full suite of Cyber and Threat Intelligence and CounterIntelligence training courses. The courses drive the expansion of Treadstone 71’s accelerated, academically validated, intelligence training to global markets. Treadstone 71 delivers courses in California, Virginia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands and is set to expand to the Middle East and Asia later this year. (www.planetreg.com/T71IntelTraining)

Treadstone 71 offers a compelling business model that delivers rapid cyber and threat intelligence strategic planning, program build, and targeted training in sectors such as financial services, government, healthcare, energy, and other critical infrastructure verticals. Treadstone 71’s format, curriculum, and instruction model are helping meet critical global demand for cyber and threat intelligence and analysis expertise. Treadstone 71 training provide graduates with an attractive pathway to compensation increases, career progression, and much-needed attention to intelligence. The organization has been teaching cyber intelligence at the Master’s level and commercially for seven years. New courses include a focus on campaign management, the use of Tor, Tails, I2P, and Maltego as well as covering persona development and management. Students create a series of identities, character development, and dimensions, storyline, plot synopsis, story drive and limit, story weaving, applicability, scope, tools to be used, methods of interaction with other identities, engaging secondary characters, refining targeting while developing a campaign to gain street credentials.

“Our courses provide academic instruction combined with real-world, hands-on collection, analysis, analytic writing, dissemination, and briefings that many liken to an apprenticeship,” said Jeff Bardin, Chief Intelligence Officer for Treadstone 71. “Our curriculum follows the teachings of Sherman Kent and Richards Heuer giving students the tools necessary to perform targeted collection, structured analysis while authoring reports modeled after intelligence community standards. We teach methods of cyber infiltration, information and influence operations, counterintelligence strategies, mission based counterintelligence, denial and deception, and counter-denial and deception.”

Treadstone 71 courses are validated and proven by intelligence professionals creating job-ready threat intelligence professionals for global organizations suffering a talent shortage. “Intelligence analysis as an inherently intellectual activity that requires knowledge, judgment, and a degree of intuition,” continued Bardin. “Treadstone 71’s intelligence, counterintelligence, and clandestine cyber HUMINT training and services help organizations transform information into intelligence pertinent to their organization.”

Analysis includes integrating, evaluating, and analyzing all available data — which is often fragmented and even contradictory — and preparing intelligence products. Despite all the attention focused on the operational (collection) side of intelligence, analysis is the core of the process to inform corporate stakeholders. Analysis as more than just describing what is happening and why; identifying a range of opportunities… Intelligence Analysis is the key to making sense of the data and finding opportunities to take action. Analysis expands beyond the technical focus of today providing organizations with core capabilities for business, competitive, cyber, and threat intelligence.

Treadstone 71’s Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification is the gold standard in the industry today derived from both academia and from Treadstone 71’s experience in building cyber intelligence programs at Fortune 500 organizations worldwide.

Treadstone 71

888.714.0071 – osint@treadstone71.comhttp://www.planetreg.com/T71IntelTraining

Pathology of Western Games (feminism – video)

PATHOLOGY of WESTERN GAMES as defined by Iranian hackers and their analysis of Western video games – (emulation?)


    • Save the world
    • Femininity
    • Or proof of concept?
    • Nature and culture
    • The relative values
    • Defect creation
    • Cultural induction
    • Evil sin
    • Violence and addiction
    • Political territory
    • Contempt of religions
    • Money axial
    • Aquaculture myth
    • Fantasy Aquaculture

Evil sin

    • Destructive nature of sin is sin
    • Style game is considered guilty
    • Simplified sin and encourage it
    • Test out of power

Violence and addiction

    • Innate violence!
    • Charm of violence
    • Addiction to violence
    • Recruiting + vulnerability

Political territory

    • Nuclear weapons is our right
    • The attack on the country, public opinion
    • And encourage justify the unjust war

Contempt of religions

    • Martyrdom or brainwashing?
    • Prayer and the Koran
    • God and prophets

Money axial

    • Everything has a price
    • Material and spiritual values of tradable
    • More money, be more value
    • Single axial direction and purpose

Aquaculture myth

    • A plurality of beliefs and thoughts
    • False charm mythology
    • Immersion of opinion in both

Fantasy Aquaculture

    • Sensitive use of dangerous fantasies
    • Western tendencies in children’s fantasies
    • The need for the West and Western Life

We do not target your children!

Save the world

    • Self or mission?
    • Become the goal of life
    • Destiny and change it
    • Negative indifference


    • The colder the better
    • Or man up, or not (poor women)
    • Kidd, jealousy, backbiting and betrayal
    • Credit from men

Or proof of concept

    • Black and white – color or concept?
    • Beauty Tools

Nature and culture

    • Worship is not in human nature!
    • Psychological roots
    • Stability and family life

The relative values

    • Killer hero
    • Good, Good
    • Wordplay

Defect creation

    • The world is imperfect and ناایده‌آل است
    • Imperfect human creation
    • Efforts to improve genetic and physical man!

Cultural induction

    • Eastern music, Western music
    • Science and Magic
    • Backwardness and progress
    • Introversion and extroversion


Dedicated to the presence of the Holy Guardian (s)


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