Iran stirs unrest in Baghdad and the Green Zone

Iraqi security forces have fired tear gas in Baghdad on protesters demonstrating against corruption and poor public services.

Tuesday’s rally began peacefully with more than 1,000 people marching into central Tahrir Square, when the police started throwing stun grenades and tear gas to disperse the protesters. Some of the demonstrators suffered breathing problems.

October 2 – Moments of intense clashes between the regime’s Hashed al-Shaba’i forces and popular protesters in Baghdad.

The peaceful gatherings were marred by the use of tear gas and tear gas, which resulted in the deaths of two people and two protesters. Currently, the internet is shut down in Baghdad.

Iranian supported attacks on the Iraqi people

The protesters said the government should be changed because of its failure to improve services and create jobs.

Many chanted anti-government slogans and held posters of a special forces general recently removed from his post.

The protesters included dozens of fresh university graduates who are unable to find jobs in the corruption-plagued but oil-rich country.

Iraqi protesters attempt to cross republican bridge to green area where security forces clash