Cyber attack on four Iraqi government sites

The unprecedented cyber attack on four government sites, including the Ministry of Interior, Defense, National Security and Iraqi Intelligence, has raised concerns in Iraq.

The hacker, who carried out these widespread cyberattacks, called himself “Owned by M۴X Pr۰” and said that these attacks were aimed at fighting corruption and gave the Iraqi prime minister a four-hour deadline to investigate and interrogate committees with agents involved. Corruption in the country.

Ministries of Higher Education, Health, Education, Commerce, Communications, Planning, Foreign Affairs, Terrorism, Defense, Interior, National Security and Iraqi Intelligence Sites plus the State Department’s Cyberattack Website There are important government agencies that have been attacked.

Many of the government sites claimed by the hacker have resumed operation today and ministry site pages have been upgraded, but some remain inactive.

Some Iraqi and Arab hackers have been able to attack and shut down some official sites, such as the State Department, over the past years, but one hacker simultaneously disrupts four government sites, an unprecedented event in Iraq. 

The attacks took place in the early hours of Friday and some sites were able to retrieve their homepage shortly afterwards. Some sites, such as Iraqi National Security, have also denied cyberattacks.

In a statement following a cyber-attack on some Iraqi government sites, the Iraqi National Security Service announced that it would identify the attackers and hand them over to the judiciary to obtain their just punishment.

Max Peru, a hacker, has threatened that if the Iraqi government fails to act within the next six hours, the site will take necessary measures against corruption gangs without mentioning any possible measures.

The hacker has claimed that these Iraqi figures, who have a list of names, are accused of embezzlement and theft of public property.

No official report has yet been released on the possible theft of important government and security information as a result of the hack.

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