Baghdad under seige 21 Dead so far. Iranian al-quds forces rumored on site

#Iran 3rd day of demonstrations in Iraq; disconnection of the Internet and communications

Protests continue in Baghdad for the third day, despite internet and military rule. The sound of gunfire is heard from several areas of Baghdad.

Iraqi security forces and the army have reportedly refrained from suppressing the protesters, and the Hashad-Al-Shabi and Revolutionary Guards sent to take responsibility for suppressing the demonstrations.

The government has cut off all communications between Baghdad and the small cities around the capital to stop the demonstration.

Unidentified Iraqi media reported that nearly 11 people were killed in last night’s demonstrations in more than 10 Iraqi provinces.

The uprising against the occupation by the Iranian regime of Iraq. Proxy militias and Shiite parties affiliated with the clerics.
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ro gov forces taking up positions

Pro Iranian forces attack Iraqis

Nearly five people have been killed in anti-government protests in Iraq.