A photo posted by Iraqi media activist Ahmad Fallah on his Facebook page indicates that Iraqis are well aware that the Shiite clerics have been corrupted and should be dissolved by Iranian commanders and Qassem Suleimani.

The Iraqi people no longer trust the supreme leader

Below video: A young man with the Hussein flag, Ali Hashdalshabi in Iraq was shot and killed by snipers of the Quds Force, the Iranian version of Navy Seals. Subsequently, Parliament Speaker Ahmad Jabouri officially announced that Qassim Suleimani’s team was responsible for killing Iraqi protesters

#Iran Government continuity seekers are frightened by developments in Iraq and are trying to normalize recent events.Their “Reform Press”, citing Moscow-based news, described Iraq’s worsening situation as “calm” However, in Baghdad military rule has been established and the internet has been cut off altogether. A number of people were also killed and wounded. Some government centers have also fallen into the hands of the people.

Green: Street protests Red: Protests + Conflict +Damage / Occupation of Government Buildings. Reports indicate mass protests continue for the third consecutive day in Iraq, and police have fired shots to disperse protesters.
Meanwhile, a police commander in Iran on Thursday announced the closure of two borders “due to clashes” in Iraq.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi had earlier ordered a ban on traveling to Baghdad, the country’s capital, at five in the morning.

Protests have left over 20 dead in the past few days.Earlier on Wednesday, a ban on traffic was announced in the cities of Nasiriyah, Amara and Hilla.

Police fired on protestors in response to a rally in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square last night to continue protests in the morning.

One of the protesters told the news agency that they had gathered at Tahrir Square last night to prevent the police from taking control of the square.
Multi-day protests have taken place in Iraq against unemployment, government corruption with Iran and a lack of public services, especially a frequent power outage.
The Iraqi government has also shut down government offices in the capital by cutting off the internet.

Responding to the incident, Iranian border police commander Nairi Ensemble said on Thursday that “due to security issues and due to clashes in some Iraqi cities, the borders of Chabab and Khosravi were closed last night.”
He said the two borders would be reopened after security had been secured and would inform Arbaeen Karbala pilgrims.

Iran suppressing demonstrations in #Baghdad

Continuous shooting at protesters in the streets leading to Baghdad’s Tahrir Square by Hashed al-Sha’abi forces, under the command of the #Iran

Iran has a sniper rifle that can hit its target within 1.6k meters.This is related to the Haider sniper rifle with an effective range of about 1.6k meters.

Haidar is a hybrid weapon that has a trigger mechanism simulated by MG3 as well as a modernized version of the German MG-42 multifunctional machine gun.
On April 5, 2017, Iran unveiled the Haidar semiautomatic 50-caliber sniper rifle. Its purpose was to destroy enemy equipment and armor and with a range of 1,600 meters, 200 meters less than the American Barret M82, similar to the French Hecate II. It is noteworthy that the US military industry after studying Haider described it as “strange”. The reason is not because of the 1600 meters, but because of its weight. The 17.2-kg Hyder is about 3.6 kg heavier than the American M82

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