#Basij Cyber Battalions – Latest From Treadstone 71

#Basij #Cyber #Battalions “We must simultaneously attack the enemy in cyberspace. Use creativity and counteract the threat of the enemy by leveraging opportunities. In such circumstances, they may restrict or remove you because they have the platform” ow.ly/Zary30pEMqn

Iranian passive defense, American cyber threats officially declared to invade-infiltrate infrastructure “We secured structures for energy, communications, banking sectors, specialized cyber maneuvers-exercises to enhance readiness and address weaknesses.



According to #Khabarban and quoted by the Journalists Club

The need to form jihadist groups in any battalion / #Basiji forces’ readiness will solve our unemployment problems #Iran ow.ly/IwZQ30pEMBC

Commander of Ansar al-Hussein (AS) Hamedan province stated that the issue of launching cyberattacks today, we must use cyberattacks before we go on the defensive ow.ly/PLiO30pEMxE

The officials of the #Basij Cyberspace Organization during the closing ceremony of the Basij #Cyber #Battalion Commanders pointed to the role of the Basij in the nationalization movement of the cyberspace. #Iran #IRGC http://ow.ly/Y9BV30pEMsc

#Basij #Cyber Battalion at the Abali Camp – More than 350 students Mehdi Fazaeli, Rajabi Davani, Ahmad Dastaran, Jalal Manesh, Shah Abadi, Abdul Hamidi and Al Davood are scholars #RememberThoseNames #IRGC #IRAN http://ow.ly/zOxt30pEMtw

Command of the #Basij #Cyber ​​#Battalions divided into 4 groups: Martyrs Assadollahi, Moradi, Zabrjadi, Asgari, Khalili, Amraii, Abdollahi – Our vision of reaching 8 cyberattack groups in 6 cities across the country reaching 6,000 cyberspace activists http://ow.ly/Mwuy30pEMvF