Deutsche Welle ( You can use various tools to cross-filter and access the Internet freely. In this article, we introduce seven different tools and ways to download them.

It is enough to go through the filtering to the email address
Send empty names. You do not need to add the subject and the text in this email.

In the email response, you get a small executable file suitable for Windows and Android operating systems. By installing and running this application, you can access all your favorite social networks and sites without any limitation.

The “Bypass Censorship” plugin allows users to access filtered sites by installing it on their browser. This plugin supports Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

After installing this plugin, a badge appears next to the browser’s URL. The white color of this icon (the icon) means that the website you’re trying to access has no alternative.
When this icon is red, you can click on it. With this click, you will automatically be sent to an alternate address to access the website you are looking for.
– Download the plugin for Firefox
– Download the plugin for Google Chrome

Tor Software
Tor gives you anonymous web browsing. This software passes the user’s browser request from several computers and the encrypted network. This way, users can access blocked websites.
This network is being enhanced by volunteers around the world and keeps the internet track of users hidden. Users can get the tour software through the website of this project or by email.
– Download from website
– To receive the software, you can email:

Orbot Proxy
Orbot is a free proxy server that uses Tor software to hide user tracks. The Orbot as the “Guardian project” allows mobile phone users to access the Internet anonymously.
Its makers say the tour is for mobile phones, and anyone in the world who worries about their privacy can use this software.
– Orbot download address

Lantern is software for computers and mobile phones that allows access to filtered sites. This software is available for free, but those who want more features should purchase their professional edition.
In the paid version, it has more access speeds and can be installed on three different devices. There is also a limitation of downloading information and viewing the video.
Lantern encrypts web browsers and hides their Internet footprints. This software is downloadable from the Linter website or received via email.

– To receive the software, email us at:
– Download the software from the Lantrone website

“Free Browser”
An Android browser called “Free Browser” gives users access to filtered sites. Download this free browser. Installing the app is the only thing users need to do and do not need to do the settings.
This browser is downloadable from Google Play or from the FreeBrowser FreeBrowser website.

By Treadstone 71

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