Dozens of Indian websites hacked

The Muslims of Kashmir are still subjected to oppression and extermination amid a curfew and a complete closure and cut off the Internet and all communications on the Muslim region, for the Indian extremists to launch a military campaign to exterminate Muslims.

All of this is taking place amidst a terrible global silence, betrayal of the governments of Islamic countries and a media blackout, and the willingness of the owners of empty minds and bloated bellies to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday by filling their stomachs, dancing and celebrating.  God is enough, and yes, the agent.

And in the midst of this shameful silence, many jealous hackers defending the oppressed carried out electronic attacks on Indian interests. Dozens of different Indian websites were hacked in the past few hours, despite their different walks, but their goal is one to inflict painful blows on cow and rat slaves.

Here is a sample of the hacked sites:

Indian industrial and economic companies

A diverse group of Indian companies operating in various economic and industrial fields have been hacked, as the agricultural machinery manufacturer Dharma Technologies has been hacked, as well as a major company for packing, conveying and parcel delivery services offering its services across India.

Software development company syfinity has also been hacked, along with the Indian Ceramic Society (InCerS), as well as a group of different Indian websites including the housing and construction site in Maharashtra.

#India is a terrorist state

Indian Ceramic Society
Housing and construction site in Maharashtra
Dharma Technologies, a company that manufactures agricultural machinery
syfinity software development company
Deepak Packers and Movers

#The right_way_to_professional_hacking

India annihilates the Muslims of Kashmir

The Muslims of Kashmir are being exterminated in the most horrific way at the hands of the Indian terrorist regime and the Magi cow slaves in a simulation similar to the Zionist settlement scheme, and the hypocritical world is silent, this silence that reveals the nakedness of the humiliated rulers and their governments.

Today, 796 days have passed since India’s siege of Kashmir, and not a single Islamic country except Pakistan has taken firm stances against terrorist India, which in return receives billions of dollars in investments from Zionist Gulf states.

Our Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, “There is no Muslim who fails a Muslim person in a place where his sanctity is violated, and his honor is degraded, but God forsakes him in a place where he would love to help him, and there is no person who helps a Muslim in a place where his honor is degraded and his sanctity is violated, except his victory.”  God is in a place where He loves His victory.

That is why we call on all Muslims to support our brothers in Kashmir by all means and to spread the image of their tragedy everywhere, and to boycott Indian products, and we present to you some hacked Indian websites today in support of our brothers in Kashmir.

#India is a terrorist state

There is a new challenge for security forces in Kashmir. The presence of ‘Part-time or Hybrid terrorists’ in the valley is posing a big threat. These terrorists are not listed with the security forces as ultras but are people who are radicalized enough to carry terror attacks and then slip back into routine life. 

In the last two weeks, seven civilians were killed and most of them were shot by pistol-borne youth who are not listed with the security forces. 

”Hybrid terrorists or part time terrorists are those who are not listed with us but are in touch with militants, they are locally trained and after taking out one or two attacks, they slip back into normal life. 97 pistols have been recovered so far this year. This shows Pakistan has a new agenda that maximum number of pistols and hand grenades be pumped. The main reason is to create an atmosphere of fear,” Vijay Kumar, IGP Kashmir said.

Al-Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent has released a new official video, titled, “Kashmir is ours”.
القاعدہ برصغیر نے نئی وڈیو جاری کردی
کشمیر ہمارا ہے

NIA said that ISIS terrorists operating from various conflict zones along with ISIS cadres in India have created a network by assuming pseudo-online identities wherein ISIS-related propaganda material is disseminated for radicalising and recruiting members to the fold of ISIS.
The NIA had conducted multiple searches in Jammu and Kashmir on July 11 this year in the same case and had arrested three accused– Umar Nisar, Tanveer Ahmad Bhat and Rameez Ahmad Lone, all residents of Achabal area of Anantnag district.
A cyber entity ‘Abu Hazir Al Badri’ a key operative of ISIS who is involved in the translation of ‘Voice of Hind’ to South Indian languages and its further dissemination was identified as Jufri Jawhar Damudi, and arrested on August 6 this year in a joint operation of NIA and Karnataka Police.
The agency said that the cyber ID was also used to radicalise and recruit people.
“Jufri Jawhar is the younger brother of Adnan Hasan Damudi who was arrested for ISIS-related activities in 2016 and is currently under detention in a separate NIA case,” the agency said.
Jufri Jawhar Damudi was in touch with ISIS leadership, currently operating out of Afghanistan-Pakistan (Af-Pak) region who provided him propaganda material and also gave directions for its dissemination.
“For this purpose, Jufri had created multiple pseudonymous IDs on encrypted chat platforms and was also a member of various online propaganda channels of ISIS,” the agency added.
During earlier searches in the ‘ISIS-Voice of Hind’ case, NIA claimed to have seized a large number of digital devices such as mobile phones, hard disks, SD cards etc.