Recharge and Restart the Nuke Program – #Iran

Iran began production of enriched uranium above a certain amount in the future.

Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization announced that it has begun production of heavy water without restrictions. Also, the ceiling set by the nuclear deal for the production of enriched uranium has also been stopped.

This action is only one day after Ali Khamenei’s remarks. He dismissed negotiations with the United States, saying Iran would increase its enrichment by more than 20 percent.

These obligations are “respecting restrictions on the maintenance of enriched uranium and heavy water reserves”.

The Islamic Republic enriched uranium by up to 3.5 percent before reaching a consensus and upgraded it at a level up to 20 percent, but then agreed to cut it sharply.

Iran, in a letter to the remaining nuclear agreements, issued a 60-day deadline to

“fulfill its obligations, especially in banking and oil fields,” and threatened that, if this did not happen, the Islamic Republic would stop “observing restrictions Related to the level of uranium enrichment and measures related to the modernization of the heavy water reactor in Arak. ”