Institutionalized Persecution from the Enlightened and Pios

#The war crimes at the #Baha’i authorities according to the #IRGC.

Baha’is hide ammunition  thin intheir homes while they claim to spread peace on various platforms and media. Their promise is that their Prophet is not  ano war and blood.  They even call themselves the oppressed peacekeepers.

In the southern Khorasan province of Sarbishe County, the discovery of significant quantities of weapons of war, shotguns, and other firearms stored at home in an plain view as a standard of the Baha’i system.


However, for a long time, the village of Dastjerd Sarbisheh was considered by the Baha’i leaders as the organization’s HQ, with many high-level organizational meetings taking place in the area. Given the intensification of Baha’i activities in the area and the vigilance of local people (normally called saying by the #Basij), the house, where ammunition and weapons were held and provided by the United States, were detected and the items seized.


It should be noted that the offender is a former Baha’i “servant” and is another example of Baha’is who claim to be altruistic but are directly supported by fifth pillar foreign enemies. Some of these Baha’is try to hurt the country’s economy by smuggling and financial fraud, while hiding weapons in their homes.”