Lebanese soldiers join the protesters

Lebanese and Iraqi protests show the Islamic Republic is losing the Middle East, with Lebanese and Iraqi uprisings confirming this.
Within less than a month, protests erupted against corruption and lack of economic reform in Iraq and Lebanon.

IRANIAN supported stir violence against peaceful Lebanese protests:

In both countries, unprecedented demonstrations that rocked Shiite cities and neighborhoods have shown that the Iran’s way of influencing the region has failed.

For the Shiite groups in Iraq and Lebanon, Tehran, they could not achieve economically and socially in simple terms, what the Islamic Republic called “resistance”.

Since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, the Iranian regime and the Revolutionary Guards have pursued a clear and long-term policy of how to express their views to the region, especially in countries with a significant Shiite majority. They dreamed of forming a Shiite crescent from parts of Pakistan to Lebanon and Yemen was the cradle of all the identity and power of the Islamic Revolution.
Although this dream never came true, in the midst of the fight against ISIL in Syria and the rise of the Quds Force in Iraq to the edges of this Shiite empire, the Islamic Republic is unable to grasp the fact that it is possible to continue its domination in these countries.

It is not without reason that the Islamic Republic is incapable of controlling what is happening. Iraq and Lebanon.

The Iraqi people are now demanding that the Islamic Republic and the Iraqi militias abolish the influence of the Islamic Republic and the corruption that is the result of this influence.

Lebanese people rallied in various parts of Lebanon to protest the decision of the Lebanese government to fund the year with taxes and duties on tobacco, internet and gas.

Government corruption in Lebanon has brought the country’s economic situation to a dangerous level.


The government is one of the world’s most indebted and in July of this year, with the approval of parliament, the government adopted austerity policies. This situation reduced the value of the Lebanese national currency. Less than three weeks later, another government decision to take a $2 monthly tax on Whatsapp again took people to the streets. Friday’s clashes with protesters and security forces caused millions in damage to public property.


By Treadstone 71

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