Major demonstrations are due to take place in Iraq on Friday and Iraqis have been re-stationed in the streets since last night, chanting anti-gov slogans against corruption, poor service conditions and unemployment.


Iraqi security officials carried out strict security measures two days before Friday’s demonstration, dubbed “October 7th”.


A full alert will start today (Thursday), with Baghdad expected to see heavy congestion and escalating security measures to prevent anything from happening, citing a source in Russia. Probably unexpected on the day before or on the day of the demonstration.

  • Wassam al-Allawi, the head of the Asaad al-Haqqiyah office in Maysan, was injured during a grenade launcher. The ambulance rebels targeted him and then kicked him and his officers
  • Abu Azrail, a prominent member of the Khashal al-Shaba’i, supported directly by Qassim Suleimani in Tahrir Square in Baghdad, was arrested and beaten when he tried to suppress people.

Iraqi security officials are preparing for tomorrow’s (Friday) demonstration, which is expected to take place in Baghdad and other cities in the south of the country.

Iraqi Interior Minister Yassin Eliassari last Monday ordered a state of emergency to prepare for the October 9 demonstration.

According to a “confidential” document issued by the Interior Ministry, the state of emergency will take effect today at 9am.

Despite the Iraqi government’s promise to meet the protesters ‘demands, a new round of protests against corruption, unemployment and livelihoods has resumed after a few days’ hiatus. According to news reports, protest rallies have started in some cities, including Baghdad, Najaf and al-Nasiriyah since Thursday night and security forces have now been deployed in various areas to protect the security of citizens and public places.
Iraqi security forces disperse people who entered the Green Zone in Baghdad using spray guns.
Green zone security is important because it is home to important government agencies and foreign embassies, including the US Embassy.
The Iraqi parliament has called for non-violent treatment of protesters if they reach the parliament building.
Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi warned last night about any acts of violence by protesters.

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