Devastation Massive Internet Disruption in Beirut Explosion

Beirut Governor: What happened is more like the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings - Beirut is afflicted and there is great destruction and what happened is unprecedented. - Half of Beirut's administration was destroyed Almost complete interruption of the Internet and electricity in the beloved capital. The explosion in Beirut was equivalent to a 4.5 magnitude earthquake, according to the Jordanian Seismological Observatory In comparison: Lebanese Media, OTV Lebanon: — "The Director General of the…

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Khamenei’s language of uprising in Iraq and Lebanon

The "strategic depth" has been diminished! He says, 'Sir,' we have rebelled against him Our strategic depth has grown Depth of calm and seemingly confident There is still a stormy sea The "seditions" began again The earth shook beneath our feet Karbala, Basra and Baghdad between It is full of outrage and revolt Say "people" to the Iraqi people There is a blow to our differences This is not the only tragedy in Iraq The…

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Lebanon Protests Reflect Iraqi Protests Against Poor Conditions -Hezbollah and Iran

[wpvideo rQJueLD0] [wpvideo 8VQIOK2Y data-temp-aztec-id="036de22d-ecf5-41bc-ab37-c74c81975599"] Lebanese soldiers join the protesters Lebanese and Iraqi protests show the Islamic Republic is losing the Middle East, with Lebanese and Iraqi uprisings confirming this. Within less than a month, protests erupted against corruption and lack of economic reform in Iraq and Lebanon. IRANIAN supported stir violence against peaceful Lebanese protests: [wpvideo sOZnj6Xw] In both countries, unprecedented demonstrations that rocked Shiite cities and neighborhoods have shown that the Iran's way…

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