Combined war is an effective concept in the postmodern era:

  • As a multi-dimensional concept in combined warfare, it has many limitations and merits that should be examined in providing a constructive research.

Common and widely used definitions in the field of the use of combined wars are numerous, general, and often associated with ambiguous concepts. The issue of ambiguous war by the Russian armed forces can also be mentioned, so it is necessary to know what type of war is in the form of a combined war and what components it will include.

Strategic level

At the strategic level;

  • Combined war has different capabilities and can be used in different situations.
  • Governments and local rulers use all the tools and methods at their disposal, including (civilians), which have been discussed in the past, to achieve political goals and at the same time to deny their actions against the enemy.

At this level, war is inherently interactive, as both sides attempt to wear down each other’s resistance and will.

Therefore, it is never logical to call a combined war at the strategic level a type of “pure counter-war”. Is.

In the cognitive warfare environment, the strategy of false information attacks is based on the comprehensive creation and distribution of news through the networks of influential or fake users (social bots), which is done in order to increase dissemination among bubbles of like-minded users.

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