Russians flaunt the defeat of the tank brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Only this “victory” is fabricated

Russian propagandists spread the news that the Russian military “defeated the first tank brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Vugledar and the 102nd brigade of the TRO in the Uspenivka area.”

However, as noted by the journalists of the fact-checking project “Without Lies,” there are no such “sensational” reports from the place of the “military personnel” for some reason. Instead, the propagandists illustrate the “victory” news either with general photos of artillery fire or with photos from Buchi in general.

For example, one of the pro-Kremlin mass media published a photo of the remains of a rusty tank, on which a yellow-blue pigeon flaunts, as proof of the defeat of the Ukrainian brigade. But they did not take into account several points:

If the “rout” happened literally days ago, the equipment could not have rusted so quickly – it takes months.

The bright dove resonates sharply – it was painted much later, when the tank was covered with rust.

The photo is cropped. On the original, which is easily found through search engines, there are two more people in the frame to the right of the mutilated tank.

This photo was actually taken near Bucha – after the occupiers were kicked out of the city.

The pigeon on the tower of the burnt tank was painted by TVboy, an urban artist from Italy, participating in the “Ukraine Street Art” project.

By Treadstone 71

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