Camp of the Saints message of hate spreads

Below is a Right Wing tribute to Jean Raspail

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Ceremony at Saint-Roch Church in Paris to pay a last tribute to Jean Raspail.

[The Blue-White-Green flag is the flag of the Kingdom of Patagonia, a legendary kingdom on which Raspail wrote books. It is now a widespread symbol amongst french royalists and nationalists]


Let me tell you a story that happened tomorrow»

The Camp of the Saints


We are sad to announce the death of Jean Raspail, writer of The Camp of the Saints. A radical royalist and catholic, he was also an explorer that traveled the world to meet the extinguishing people of our planet. With a prophetic view, he imagined in the 1970s the great struggle Europe would face. The Camp of Saints is basically the prophecy announcing the situation we are in : immigration, demoralisation, despair…
But Jean Raspail was also convinced that through struggle and good fortune, Europe will be saved.

From a purely non-partisan view, he was also a major author of French literature, with a fabulous style and with many of his books that are now classics.

France is losing one of its sons today. Europe is losing one of its prophet. May you rest in peace, Jean. We will keep the flame alive.