Well, the new program that starts to run is the new type of Alpha Shell, which is desktop-based and runs on systems: Mac-Linux-Windows …
This app is inspired by Windows RATs. In this way, the user gets the server using the RAT and the program output that the server has to …
Now, we’re going to do the same and you can build your own server using this program and upload it to you wherever you want and connect to it using the program.




Now say what  is its main advantage? This is the same as our old weblog.

In response to these loved ones, I can not say that the features that this new program could write could be rolled into ordinary web crawls because the PHP language, which is mainly written in this language, is not cheaty.
With this new program, you only have a control panel installed on your system [open source, do not be afraid: D] and just add the server wherever you want to upload.
In summary, the speed of the work gets high because the program can use the maximum power of your system and at the same time you can only have one-click access to your entire control panel. Classify everything … And the cooler things you can do!
If you agree to build the program.
This screenshot of the program we put is just a simple replica and is not the ultimate program
If this program is finalized, its performance will be better than the web version of the shell alpha shell and many other shells.


By Treadstone 71

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