The Basij Cyber Battalions are working to counter enemy attacks in cyberspace (Names and cadre for some of the Basij Resistance areas around Tehran)

گردان‌های سایبری بسیج برای مقابله با هجمه دشمنان در فضای مجازی فعالیت می‌کنند (Featured image compliments of #Iranwire) Commander of West Azeri Martyrs Corps said the activities of Basij groups…

Iran Cyber Security Group

Best Tools for Increasing Access to Linux and Windows - 2019 Full List and then some بهترین ابزارهای افزایش دسترسی لینوکس و ویندوز - « فهرست کامل 2019 » تشدید…

Lab Dookhtegan June 19 MOIS

.Lab Dookhtegan June 19. Tools if the trade in a database listing methods, tools, techniques, and most likely code and attack targets #iran @Labdookhtegan1 @iran @sepah_pasdaran #MOIS #VAJA  


Much has been written about Mr.Tekide and his crypters used by APT34 (OilRig) and others. Other organizations have documented information about Mr.Tekide's tools in 'celebrated' cyber attacks against Fortune 500…

Solevisible Alpha Shell

new from #Solevisible

McAfee Institute next company to reward and support #Iranian hackers who target the US and our allies.


Day 2 and 3 #VAJA #MOIS data release from Parastoo as of 16:00 May 5 ETD

Day one information Day 3 #Disclosure Staff and students at Tarbist Modarres University were victims of the Ministry of Intelligence! Databases at Tarbiat Modarres University have been hacked and infiltrated…

Part I – Iranian Site Hack plus months of instruction on how to hack taken from Western sources

Iranians amongst others learn from the West using our tools, techniques, tactics methods in unique ways against us. We continue to provide for this education while suffering the impacts of…

Cafe Bazaar Breach information

17 Gigabytes of Cafe Bazaar data may soon be in the wild

Green Leakers – InfoSec & Beyond – Lotusint – STANDBY for a possible leak on MuddyWater

Update May 1 #Muddywater #GreenLeakers The information of 7 hacktivist releated to #Muddywater operation was sold Did you know first target of #Muddywater was turkish M.I.T ( turkish intelligence servuce…

Iranian Exposure – OilRig Hackers Outed update May 4 We are exposing here the cyber tools (APT34 / OILRIG) that the ruthless Iranian Ministry of Intelligence has been using against Iran’s neighbouring countries, including names of the cruel…

Tapandegan @tapandegan Striking Again? May 30 2019

Tapandegan strikes? Parastoo

Offsec Conference 2019

Third Conference on Modern Achievements of Cyber and Offensive Attacks in IranThe 3rd conference from Offsec (Offensive Security - / / offsecmag) Offsec held the one-day conference on…

Iranian Blogger Musings and Opinions

Israeli Private Companies and Their Alignment to Israeli Intelligence #Question If the relationship between Israeli Private Companies and Israeli Intelligence is so close, and if they are so dependent on…

The Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Drone Intercept (along with the #Muddywater hack on the F-35 in Turkey)

Hypo-Hack or actual. Either way, they did it. Iranian UAV theft of the Lockheed Martin RQ-170