Hack and full access to 730 North Milwaukee Tower

Hack and full access to 730 North Milwaukee Tower, the tallest river tower.

Intrusion into all industrial tower control systems with full control and change of temperature, energy and weather, ventilation, alarms and alarms, ducts, motors and shutdown of physical equipment and systems

 Access for proof:
(Password and password will not be shown)

This intrusion is to show the seriousness of the cyber security debate and we have no intention of abuse or harm.

If a terrorist group succeeds in carrying out this kind of infiltration, catastrophe may occur.  Cyber security in important places such as refineries, power plants, towers, etc. must be taken very seriously and important.
And this is a flip to take this debate seriously and secure it before a catastrophe occurs.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the human race does not take action until it is hit.

برج 730 North Milwaukee بلندترین برج ریور.
نفوذ به تمام سیستم های کنترل گر صنعتی برج با قابلیت کنترل کامل و تغییر حرارت و انرژی و اب و هوا ، تهویه ، آلارم و زنگ خطر ، کانال ها ، موتور  و خاموش کردن تجهیزات فیزیکی و سیستم ها

 دسترسی جهت اثبات :
(یوز و پسورد به دلیل امکان خسارت داده نمیشود)

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