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What’s behind the massive attack by Iranian-backed forces on Saudi Arabia’s oil industry?

Yochanan Visser, 16/09/19 12:38

Another important event which will hasten the coming of the Shi’ite messiah is “a holy revolution” which is to take place in Yemen,” according to a documentary produced by the Iranian regime in 2011.

The (Shiite) soldiers of Mahdi will enter Saudi Arabia and the Muslim holy places via Yemen after a bloody battle which involves the Houthis, an Arab legion, the U.S. and Israel, according to the documentary “the Coming is upon us”

For the Divine Promise

The great event started in Yemen and leads to the definitive destruction of Israel.
The Islamic Corps is coming …

His name is Alireza Alireza.”

Countdown2040 -the Iranian date for the destruction of Israel

Coming Is Upon Us” clearly indicates that these radicals believe the destruction of Israel will trigger the coming of the last Islamic Messiah.
The Iranian government has produced a bone-chilling documentary that claims that Ayatollah Khamenei, President Ahmadinejad, and Hassan Nasrallah are talked about in Islamic prophecy as leaders who will wage war to bring about the arrival of the hidden Imam, which the film says is “very close” to happening.

Some quotes from the documentary:

Whoever guarantees the death of King Abdullah of Saudi-Arabia, I will guarantee the imminent reappearance of Mahdi.

“The Messiah will not rise unless fear, great earthquakes, and sedition take place.” – Imam Bagher.
“Adultery will become common. Men will dress like woman. Men will content themselves to men and woman to woman.” – Prophet Mohammad.

“A Nation from the East will rise and prepare the way for The Coming of Mahdi.” – Prophet Mohammad.

“The world is filled with injustice and thirsty for the justice of Mahdi.” – Iranian newspaper Kayhan.

Irak… after the reappearance will serve as the capital of world’s governance of Imam Mahdi.

Some believe that the ruthless dictator of Iraq who will be killed in the age of The Coming is Saddam.
“Then extra forces will arrive from Iraq with flags written on it ‘Alghovah’ written on it.”

“With the start of a new war the destruction of Israel is certain. – Nassrollah, Iranian newspaper Kayhan.”

“The annihilation of the Zionist regime and the conquering of Beitol Moghadas (Jerusalem) is one of the most important events in the age of The Coming.”