Anonymous Warns of Hack on Minnesota. Why are you surprised?


The well-known hacker group has decided to take sides against the United States government after the unrest that occurred following the killing of George Floyd by the agents.

The hacker group released a 3-minute video that, in a few hours, was viewed and shared hundreds of thousands of times. The debate has therefore also sparked on Twitter, where the #anonymous hashtag has been in trend for about two days.


Anonymous accuses the Minnesota police of having stained themselves, in previous years, with horrible crimes and corruption, so much so that the death of George Floyd would be only the tip of the iceberg. In the Floyd case, according to the group, the faults of the agents would be quite evident, as the diffused videos showed that the man had not offered any resistance to the agents.

The group also claims the compromise of the Minneapolis police website, of having entered the Chicago police radio system by broadcasting the song “Fuck the police” on the frequencies used by law enforcement agencies for communications and of having released a document that would involve the American president.


The document, called “The Little Black Book of Jeffrey Epstein”, contains the names of over one hundred American personalities, including the president, who allegedly attended the parties organized by Jeffrey Epstein.

The Epstein case

Anonymous also responded to a Tweet by the American president accusing him of having Jeffrey Epstein killed while in prison, arrested for sexual abuse and international child trafficking. According to Anonymous, the man was silenced by Trump in the hope that he himself would not be linked to these crimes.

…May 31 it is coming