General Staff of Ukraine: mercenary training centers set up in Smolensk and two Belarusian cities

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has stated that it has repeatedly received information about the organization of mercenary training centers in Smolensk, Russia, and Gomel, Belarus, and Bobruisk, Russia. In addition, the Ukrainian General Staff noted that in the Volyn direction, Russia maintains a group to protect the Ukrainian-Belarusian border; there is a high probability of provocations aimed at involving the Belarusian side in the Russian army. Independent verification of information…

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#Wagner PMC Mercenary Killed in #Mali and the latest #Daesh Claims

Mali and Russia had claimed no Russian groups in Mali Jihadist resources published a video of the aftermath of the terrorist attack against the Mali Armed Forces and, allegedly, Russian mercenaries. The footage shows parts of the body of a white man, allegedly belonging to a participant in the Russian so-called. PMC "Wagner". According to preliminary data, he died in the explosion of a roadside IED set by terrorists on a road near the town…

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Wagner PMC ‘Orchestral’ Operations in CAR

"The musicians know the whole world" A year ago, the offensive of the units of the militants of the Coalition of Patriots for Change began in the CAR.  The FACA forces, largely thanks to the support from the PMC forces, which in a short time increased the grouping to 1000+ fighters, were able not only to stop the militants in various regions of the CAR, but also to launch a counteroffensive, which essentially allowed the…

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