Wagner PMC ‘Orchestral’ Operations in CAR

“The musicians know the whole world”

A year ago, the offensive of the units of the militants of the Coalition of Patriots for Change began in the CAR.  The FACA forces, largely thanks to the support from the PMC forces, which in a short time increased the grouping to 1000+ fighters, were able not only to stop the militants in various regions of the CAR, but also to launch a counteroffensive, which essentially allowed the Touadera government to take most of the country under control.

With the direct participation and planning of the “Orchestra” for several months, the outskirts of Bangui, as well as the cities of Bria, Boali, Bossembele, Yaloke, Bouar, Mbaiki were liberated, a corridor to the border with Cameroon was broken through, from where humanitarian aid began to flow.

Wagner ‘Conductor’

In many ways, it was the forces of PMCs that played a decisive role in stabilizing the situation in the CAR.  Another success can be considered the spoiled nerves of the French, who at some point began to throw funny articles about the atrocities of PMCs in the country, and the recent sanctions against the top officials of the “musicians” became the cherry on top.