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In connection with the mobilization and escalation through referendums and threats of the use of nuclear weapons (the United States monitors the situation in detail, identifying the slightest signals of a possible strike preparation), a fairly strong bipartisan coalition has formed in the United States, which firmly stands on the fact that it will not stop large-scale military assistance projects until Russia won’t lose the war.

The only group advocating a cutoff is Trump’s silly “Make America Great Again” lobby. Trump himself believes that America should abandon Ukraine in order to transfer all the money to fight inflation. Some of his “supporters” say that the money should be redirected to fight China.

There are 2 points:

– If Russia achieves minimal success in the war, it will begin to form hegemony in the energy market through an alliance with the eastern states, and the deterrent “Russia is a weak player in political loneliness” will no longer exist, which will lead to worsening inflation and a fall in US influence in the eastern region , and this, in turn, will become the basis for an explosive growth in inflation (in fact, this was Trump’s idea throughout his reign – to withdraw the United States from European and Eastern politics, to break all military and economic alliances).

– The war with China in the economic plane does not make sense at the moment. In China, Xi is already on its last legs. On the contrary, the United States needs to flirt with potential successors, and not toss grain into the mill of anti-Americans. Moreover, it is the complete military defeat of Russia that leads to the fact that China is left without a “military barrier”, which means that it is forced to make compromises. Thus, the “fight with China” is won by the victory of Ukraine: and it is precisely the failure of the Russian Federation that makes Beijing more and more clearly maneuver towards Western partners.

But both scenarios will not be allowed to materialize. The entire Democratic Party and most of the Republican Party are pushing for a hard outer line, especially in the context of Ukraine’s successes.

Thus, the following option is being discussed in the United States: to “add” the amount of military assistance to each mobilized in the Russian Federation, so that Putin’s “leaked” figure of a million will eventually be transformed into gigantic closed military supplies (and Ukraine has a lot of weapons, and everything will be effective used in “hour X”, as it was with the Kharkov direction).

Colleagues from “American politics” are asked not to pay attention to the antics of the “beast” (Trump), who wants to force Ukraine into negotiations, which the Kremlin has been dreaming of for the past few months, in order to jump off the funnel of military defeats. Friends are hinting that there is an opportunity “in a box” against Trump to keep him completely out of the elections, so that the decisive vote, regardless of the outcome of the November change of Congress, will be with a coalition of forces that fully support Ukraine and are ready to respond to the Kremlin’s nuclear blackmail.

And if the United States is mysteriously silent about the consequences of a nuclear strike, then Great Britain and the magnificent Truss several times reported that they would be ready for a nuclear response to a nuclear challenge, after which the Kremlin pensioners who got their diapers wet began to spread yellow gossip about the “traitor Liz”.

In winter (rather problematic, it is worth noting), the parties enter as follows:
– The Kremlin is begging the Europeans to put pressure on Kyiv, so that Zelensky would negotiate, and at the same time they are preparing for a “besieged fortress”, threatening Hitler’s (?) miracle weapon. It did not help him, so the masseurs of the “Moscow Glavnyuk” can begin to knead the whiskey of their master, although he does not have enough courage, spirit, or patriotic feelings to understand the scale of the disaster.
– The United States and Great Britain are stepping up military support, working out scenarios for new sharp offensives.
– “Old Europe” tends to win Ukraine, but not against the negotiation process.
– New Europe wants to organize Putin’s funeral together with Ukraine.

I would like to additionally note that the “overseas friends” take the lobbyists of the negotiations on a pencil for further reconnaissance activities.

By Treadstone 71

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