The Adrian Darya 1 Oil tanker has caused new tension between Tehran and the West.


Tracking data on Tuesday shows the tanker has turned off its tracking device in Mediterranean waters off Syria’s west coast.  The latest signal from Iran’s oil-carrying ship was sent somewhere between Cyprus and Syria, heading north at 9:50 GMT.  The Adrian Sea 1 tanker (formerly Grace 1) was seized by the British Navy on July 4.  The ship is said to have been destined for Syria and has circumvented EU sanctions.  Two weeks after the incident, a tanker flying the British flag in the Strait of Hormuz was seized by Iran. Officials in Gibraltar released the Iranian ship August 8, and Tehran pledged in writing that the ship carrying 1.8 million barrels of oil would not go to Syria.

Below images of Adrian Darya 1 evasive maneuvers (for such a massive ship).


Some sources indicate the transfer of the oil to another ship off the coast of Syria near Tartous.