Friday, September 6, 1:50 pm

The purpose of the training course

During this course you will learn how to use the internet, social networks, etc. for your own purposes (offensive or defensive) without leaving any trace behind you and no one being able to identify the activities you have done.

Prerequisites for this course

Before attending this course, the student is required to have a basic understanding of basic networking concepts such as information transmission, network layers, addressing, network communication encryption (VPN) protocols.

Course headings:

Introduction and course introduction

Operating system security

Isolate operating environment

Overview of cryptographic systems

Normal cryptography and military cryptography, what’s the difference?

The underlying structure of Internet communications in different countries

Introducing advanced surveillance and protection systems (intercepting military communications)

Internet communication cryptography – A review of traditional internal methods

Hiding and obscuring Internet communications

Secure email-based Internet communications

Secure SMS-based correspondence

Using the TOR system and how to set it up correctly

Creating a private TOR network

Fighting Fake-Bridges on the TOR Network

Spider Proxy Launch

Satellite Internet – Identification Prevention Methods

Disposable Servers

Creating a personal radio network to exchange information

Eradication of information and its appropriate algorithms

Information Watermarking (Hiding Confidential Information Between Legal Information)

Telecommunication Interception Blocking – GSM, GPS Jamming

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