What drones did the Ministry of Defense deliver to the NAHAJA?

…and the army’s air defense today?In a ceremony, the Ministry of Defense handed over a number of Karar drones, Ababil 3 and a multi-purpose jet UAV (using a target drone and an ammunition launcher such as Karar) to the Air Force and the Army Defense.
The drone appears to be based on the previously available MQM-107 UAV and has a range of up to 1,500 km.

1- The new generation of jet dronesFeatures:- Range: 1000 km
– Bird weight: 470 kg
– Speed: 900 km / h
– Flight altitude: 40,000 feet
– Flight duration: 180 minutes

The most important mission:- Testing of all short-range and long-range artillery and missile defense systems
– Creating disruption and deception in the enemy’s defense network

2- Ababil drone 3The operational range of these drones, which are produced by Isfahan’s Hesai industries, is 150 kmThis drone is in fact an intermediate reconnaissance-combat aircraft capable of carrying various electronic and combat cargoes, the main mission of which is to collect and send data online, as well as to carry out offensive operations.

3- Karar UAVThis aircraft is a combat drone capable of carrying and releasing cargoes in the class of manned aircraft and is equipped with combat and suicide capabilities.


Karar combat drone, in terms of suicide operations, is a female point drone that can be used against turbulent targets with a turbojet engine.

Multi-role drone with the use of a target drone and an ammunition launcher
Developed based on the mqm-107, the drone has a top speed of 900 km / h, a flight duration of 180 minutes and a range of 1,500 km.

I.R. of Iran Air Forces (NAHAJA)

Equipping the army’s Ababil 3 drones with a new generation of vertical bombsNotably, the Ababil 3 drones have been equipped for the first time by the Department of Defense with a new generation of vertical and infrared TV guidance bombs.The vertical bombs had a range of 8 to 10 kilometers, but the range of the new bombs has not yet been announced.The new bombs mounted on the Ababil 3 drones are in fact the vertical bombs, which have been unveiled in two versions: TV and infrared.The Ghaem family of bombs is actually a member of the Sadid family and the Sadid 342 bombs; the Ghaem bombs were first installed on long-distance migrant drones 6.The vertical bombs have a range of 8 to 10 km, but it is not clear how many new bombs have been installed on the Ababil 3 drones.SYRIA

The moment Ababil 3 drones destroyed in the sky over the region. This is the second Ababil 3 drone to be shot down in northern Syria in recent days.UPCOMING TREADSTONE 71 ONLINE TRAINING AND WEBINARS