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Russian partisan: Sabotage is the only thing that can affect the regime

UPDATED FEBRUARY 16, 2023 PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 14, 2023 The number of sabotage on railways and against muster offices has increased sharply since President Putin decided to call in more soldiers in the autumn. Behind some of the acts are a number of partisan groups, which operate in secret. - In a totalitarian state, partisan activity is the only thing that can influence those in power, says partisan leader "Artem" to SVT. SVT's Ukraine correspondent Elin Jönsson has…

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Russian Citizen Outrage Spreads – Partisans

What do retired spouses from Podolsk, students from Buryatia, and a pawnbroker from Nizhny Novgorod have in common? All of them, according to the news, committed (or planned) sabotage and were detained. We analyzed the messages and identified several common (and dubious) stories. Retirees or teenagers go on fire because of phone fraud or blackmail(at least 10 cases) A citizen of Ukraine committed a rail sabotage in Moscow due to blackmail with the life of…

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Black Bridge Support Seeks Citizens

We are looking for Citizens who can be the pillars of the new statehood. Those who decided to act, and not wait for "who will take it." To put it simply, we call for cooperation those who already have their own “project”, but something is missing for implementation - intelligence, instructions for creating the right means of destruction, finance, etc. Directions of partisan activity are in fact the functional-role composition of the Resistance cell.…

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Multiple Instances of Sabotage inside Russia

Russians have had enough of the Putin Regime Herald of Rebellion - news of the fight against the dictatorship of madnessWe write about the Resistance in Russia, about sabotage, guerrilla warfare, about the deeds of those who decided to fight not only in word but also in deed. Gas pipeline exploded in the Yaroslavl region On February 13, an explosion occurred on a gas pipeline in the Myshkinsky district of the Yaroslavl region, according to…

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Russian Airports Increase Threat Level – Internal RU Targeting

At Russian airports, the maximum level of terrorist threat was introduced after Patrushev complained about the partisans. Maximum level of terrorist threat introduced at Moscow airportsIzvestia reported with reference to Rostransnadzor. A similar regime was also introduced in St. Petersburg Pulkovo Black Bridge Support Why do we have such a list of goals and why do we need direct actions? No, not to express disagreement with the war (the regime does not care about your…

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