At Russian airports, the maximum level of terrorist threat was introduced after Patrushev complained about the partisans.

Maximum level of terrorist threat introduced at Moscow airports
Izvestia reported with reference to Rostransnadzor.

A similar regime was also introduced in St. Petersburg Pulkovo

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Why do we have such a list of goals and why do we need direct actions? No, not to express disagreement with the war (the regime does not care about your opinion). This is not revenge, not a gesture of desperation or hatred, and not retribution. There is not and cannot be a goal to exterminate the “wrong people”.

For the first time, the maximum, third level of threat of terrorist attacks has been introduced at Moscow airports and airlines. Rostransnadzor notified carriers and air harbors about this (Izvestia got acquainted with the corresponding letter). The high-risk regime was also introduced at the St. Petersburg airport, a source told the editorial office. In Sheremetyevo, concrete blocks appeared along the territory, and in Pulkovo – inspection at the gate. Passengers need to prepare for possible queues at checkpoints – in order not to be late for a flight, it is worth arriving at airports in advance, experts and public figures advised.

Since November 10, at the Moscow airports Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo, for the first time, the maximum level of the threat of terrorist attacks has been introduced. This follows from a letter from Rostransnadzor to air harbors and carriers. “Izvestia” got acquainted with the document, its receipt was confirmed by a source in one large airline.

“To establish from 00:00 on November 10, 2022, the direct degree of threat of an act of unlawful interference in the activities of the transport complex corresponding to security level No. Central Federal District Irakli Meladze.

It is evolutionarily inherent in people to fit into a hierarchy, play a role in it and obey authorities, do a common thing together and be similar to each other. This is how fascism is built. This is clearly illustrated by the Milgram experiment, the Stanford prison experiment and the Third Wave experiment.

At Milgram, the “experimenter” tortured the “subject” with electric current on the orders of the “boss” without much hesitation and ceased to obey as soon as someone appeared who authoritatively challenged the orders. At Stanford, ordinary people “played prison” and got so used to the roles that they went as far as torturing prisoners, although this was expressly prohibited by the conditions of the experiment. Even the leader has completely lost touch with reality. The experiment was only stopped by outside human interference, which could call into question the authority of the leader. The “Third Wave” in a few days turned ordinary schoolchildren into a fascist organization with the help of “order, discipline and uniforms.”

The teacher, who thus wanted to explain to the students how Hitler’s National Socialism happened in Germany, was able to stop the experiment himself (but, this is not our case).

Putin’s regime is fascist hierarchy and submission to authorities is everything for him, koshcheyevo’s egg.

As long as the “cog” knows his boss and place in the system, the system works. We need to change this. Compare:

  • I order the personnel to disperse the anti-war rally, detain everyone, arrest, beat, torture, imprison! Here you have paddy wagons, shields, rubber truncheons, gas, mobile video surveillance.
  • Here, an order came from Moscow they say we will have a rally, so we need to disperse everyone and put them in jail. The leader on the third day disappeared somewhere. A garage with paddy wagons and a warehouse with special equipment burned down.
  • And what, are we on foot, with bare hands and without a commander? Suddenly there will be a partisan cocktail party? Let them go in their Moscow, let them disperse themselves! The exit strategy for the “elite” is about the same. To leave, you need to give up your role and place in the hierarchy. The task of partisan actions is to destroy the system, Putin’s “vertical of power”. Deprive functionaries of their role in the system. To show that there is not only an “almighty boss”, but also another force. Do not let them do the “common cause”. There are no persons in our list of goals, only roles and objects. Nothing personal. The regime should develop like a Jenga tower, from which the necessary brick was taken out.

What Russian Citizens Should Do

“Exit strategy” for Putin’s “elite” and other cogs in the system

We treat you and your property as a list of legitimate targets, that’s true. We do not feel any sympathy for you, but we suggest that you come over to our side, because this way the Putin regime will come to an end sooner, there will be less victims and destruction. You can try to sit it out and then say “it’s not me, I was following the order”, but this will have to be proven at the tribunal, and to live until “later”.

It is best for the future of you and your family to “go out” in public:

  • Condemn the war, renounce Putin, repent, apologize to the Russian and Ukrainian people.
  • Declare your readiness to cooperate with the special services of the anti-Putin coalition, financially support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteer corps, partisans, and humanitarian projects to help victims of the war.
  • Back up your words with deeds – transfer a significant amount for you to the needs of the anti-Putin coalition, publish some inside information of the Putin regime, or do something else like that.

Non-public cooperation is also possible, it will be credited to you at the tribunal and will protect you from some danger. But not from everyone.

This is, in fact, a riskier option than the first, although it seems to be the other way around. To ensure that you cross yourself off the list of targets, you will have to negotiate with all the partisan cells and special services of the anti-Putin coalition. It is clear that in practice, this is impossible. You can hope for the opportunity to get lost among the mass of targets, but accidents are unpredictable. With this form of cooperation, ask the counterparty for confirmation of cooperation, which you can then present at the tribunal. We will write about our confirmation option later.

Remember that in both cases, you are not buying an indulgence for the remission of sins and the opportunity to sin further. You commit active repentance, the meaning of which is not only words, but also deeds to confirm that you have ceased to do evil. A bad and suspicious example is one runaway owner of an “innovative bank”, who allegedly received only 3% for his business, who, instead of renouncing and actively repenting, is engaged in self-promotion.

All of the above applies to those functionaries who have already fled abroad and are silent. It’s not that we really want to chase you all over the world, but the Earth in our time is very small, and genocide in two states at once and the destruction of the future of our own country is a crime that has no statute of limitations, even if you just “followed an order” .

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