Legitimate Targets Inside Russia

Legitimate (lawful) targets of guerrilla attacks on Russian territory

  • Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
  • headquarters, administrative buildings (military registration and enlistment offices including)
  • warehouses of ammunition, fuel
  • railway way to MO objects
  • railway trains with equipment and other property of the Moscow Region
  • cars and trucks registered in the MO (black numbers)
  • senior and senior command staff
  • National Guard
  • headquarters, administrative buildings
  • warehouses and garages of parts of the National Guard
  • cars and trucks registered for the Russian Guard (blue numbers)
  • senior and senior command staff
  • Police (MVD)
  • headquarters, administrative buildings
  • police stations in the part where detainees are not kept
  • cars and trucks registered to the police, paddy wagons, patrol cars (blue numbers)
  • senior and senior command staff
  • personnel of the E center
  • FSIN
  • personnel
  • administrative buildings
  • secure facilities in the part where no prisoners or detainees are kept
  • personal and business transport
  • FSB
  • junior, senior and senior officers
  • personal and business transport
  • Prosecutor’s office and investigative committee
  • senior and senior command staff
  • personal and business transport
  • Judicial system
  • judges known for unjust sentences to oppositionists
  • Propaganda
  • z-warriors
  • authors, correspondents, administrators of propaganda media resources
  • ideologists of the Russian world
  • actors, journalists, other media personalities who publicly and actively support the z-war
  • material and technical support for propaganda (TV studios, transport, editorial offices, etc.)
  • Business
  • state corporations – tangible assets and management
  • commodity oligarchs and corporations – tangible assets and management
  • large developers, “developers – tangible assets and management
  • any business defiantly supporting the Putin regime – tangible assets and management
  • Civil administration
  • federal ministers
  • governors, mayors, employees of Putin’s headquarters
  • regional ministers, municipal heads of departments, district administrations
  • MPs
  • State Duma of the Russian Federation in full force
  • regional and municipal deputies who publicly and actively support the z-war
  • Electoral system
  • CEC – commission personnel, material support, administrative buildings
  • regional and territorial election commissions – material support, administrative buildings

Yes, this is a civil war. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the peaceful opposition has been trying to explain that there is no need to be cattle. They were not listened to, and now peaceful political struggle is completely prohibited. Well.

Partisans, please note that in many cases there are no privates and junior commanders on the list. This is not an accident, they are more likely victims of the regime than its active participants, no matter how we treat them.

By Treadstone 71

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