New naval missile base Corps of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (KSIR) – “Rocket City”.

In Iran, a ceremony was held to unveil a new naval missile base Corps of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (KSIR) – “Rocket City”.

Large quantities of cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and rocket launchers of different capabilities were demonstrated. Missile complexes were presented at the ceremonies, as well as special expansion possibilities.

Also, during the ceremonies, the Iranian Navy distributed funds to the “Electronic Warfare”. It is reported that all weapons and ammunition were developed by students from Iran.

#Revolutionary Guards on Monday demonstrated what it called its “new missile city” during a ceremony attended by Hossein Salami, the commander-in-chief of the military.

According to the IRGC-affiliated IRGC News, the missile depot displayed “a multitude of cruise and ballistic missile systems and missiles with various ranges,” and some of these missile systems have the “ability to change target after firing.”

According to the report, “missile systems and equipment with new capabilities and operational characteristics, including accurate firing from deep and passive defense locations, mine throwing at different ranges, 360-degree firing, moving firing, electronic warfare and enhancement.” Range and Destruction Power “was added to the military equipment of the #Navad_Force_of_The Revolutionary Guards.

The IRGC announced that the equipment was designed and built by the “Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Support, knowledge-based companies and research departments of the IRGC and the IRGC Naval Self-Sufficiency Jihad.”

“What is on display is a small part of the IRGC navy’s large and extensive missile capability, and we are facing a very large increase in missile power in naval battles,” the IRGC commander said at the demonstration.

The display of IRGC naval equipment comes as the United States and the three European signatories to the UN Security Council call for the Islamic Republic to return to the negotiating table and fully implement its nuclear commitments.

The Wall Street Journal also reported the opening of a new front between Iran and Israel following an accident for an Israeli ship in the Oman Sea and then an accident for an Iranian ship in the Mediterranean.

Hussein Salami said at Monday’s ceremony that this was the sixth time that missile equipment had been added to the Revolutionary Guards navy in 1999.

In October of this year, the Revolutionary Guards announced the addition of “188 UAVs and helicopters” to its navy, and in mid-July, Alireza Tangsiri, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards, threatened: “Our entire coast is armed and all the underground cities of the army and “The IRGC has spread to the south coast with various defensive uses.”

However, in early December, two days after the announcement of the “Martyr Roudaki Ocean Ship Warship” joining the Revolutionary Guards Navy, various sources announced that the ship was in fact a painted merchant ship.