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Russian Citizen Outrage Spreads – Partisans

What do retired spouses from Podolsk, students from Buryatia, and a pawnbroker from Nizhny Novgorod have in common? All of them, according to the news, committed (or planned) sabotage and were detained. We analyzed the messages and identified several common (and dubious) stories. Retirees or teenagers go on fire because of phone fraud or blackmail(at least 10 cases) A citizen of Ukraine committed a rail sabotage in Moscow due to blackmail with the life of…

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Internal Insurrection Heading to Moscow

REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENTRIGHT FORCE -CATECHISIM FIGHTER RDPS Tradecraft methods - In their words: Fighter! By embarking on the path of revolutionary struggle against the regime of Vladimir Putin, you are putting not only your life and freedom at high risk, but also the life and freedom of your comrades, your relatives. You are also jeopardizing the future of our Common Cause. The advice and instructions set forth in this manual, although at first glance simple and…

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