Proxy Build Iran – List of Proxies

Mtproto proxy build tutorial
Step 1: Enter the following code in order.
1- git clone –recursive && cd MTPro

2- curl -s -o proxy-secret

3- curl -s -o proxy-multi.conf

4- head -c 16 / dev / urandom | xxd -ps

Step 2: Well now we’ll give you a number of about 31 characters and store it safely.

Step 3: Then send the following command.

Step 4: Now we will copy the mtpproto-proxy file and send the following command.
cp objs / bin / mtproto-proxy / usr / local / bin

Step 5: Now enter the following server specification and secret keyword.
mtproto-proxy -u nobody -p 8888 -H port -S secret –aes-pwd proxy-secret proxy-multi.conf -M restriction of use

Well our proxy is ready and we edit the following link according to our server & port = 443 & secret = secret

Be sure to install VPN on your server so that it is not blocked

You must first download the file via the link below and install it into the C drive

Next, open CMD and send the command below
2- npm install pm2 -g

Then download the following file again and load it into C drive. Note that you don’t have any folders inside it;

Now enter the following command in CMD and hit Inter
4- cd C: \ JSMTProxy-master

Finally, insert the following code into the CMD to finish the job
5- pm2 start mtproxy.js -i max

Now what do we need to do to get [Secret] – [Port] – [Server]?

Go to drive C and open the NodeJs folder There is a file called Config to open it with NotePad inside:
Secret, Port
You have written
You can subscribe to them and save to change it

What is our server now !!
Our server is our own IP server, we only copy the IP but we don’t need the port for example.
We want this:

Now that port that we changed in the previous step or didn’t give the default is 8080 in front of the app
Now we’re going to put this into the telegram.