This is an outright betrayal and a violation of pure territorial integrity by the Islamic Republic.

Iran, Russia, and China Combined Combat Maneuvers, the three countries’ floating units departing from the Chabahar port this morning for a mission in the northern Indian Ocean and Oman Sea, began the first phase of the exercises. Implemented. At this stage of the exercise, the Iranian, Russian, and Chinese naval units fired at the Thunder Naval Command using 3mm caliber weapons against three predetermined targets at sea.

After the Anzali naval base, the Hamadan air base, and all the military management of Bushehr or Hormozgan province were transferred to Russia.
The transfer of some of the Caspian Sea to the north of Iran and the economic transfer of Chabahar to India.

Now the military transfer of Chabahar to Russia and China.

“All stages of Iran, Russia and China naval exercises completed successfully.”

Assistant Secretary: We invite all countries in the region to join this convergence and this regional coalition for the next time. Various stages of tactical exercises were performed in this exercise, designed for the first time among the three major naval powers in the world. A new form of development of cooperation and cooperation between the three countries Iran, Russia and China is on display at its highest level.

Those who seek to impose undesirable security arrangements, such as the Americans and their criminals, will suffer at the hands of this a very significant arrangement.

By Treadstone 71

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