Three Iranian commanders killed in US attacks

US bombing raids against Brigades headquarters of Hashed al-Sha’abi affiliated with the Quds Terrorist Corps on the Iraqi-Syrian border

Arab media reported that three Iranian commanders were also killed in US attacks on Iraqi Hezbollah Kataeb bases.

Abu Ali Khazali, commander of the Hezbollah terrorist group in tonight’s US raid, raids on al-Shabaab and Sepah Quds

Three people have been confirmed dead and four others injured, but the death toll is much higher.

Abu Ahmed Mohammedis Commander Hashidi Shabi

The US Department of Defense announced that the United States would deploy a Hezbollah base (under the auspices of the Iranian regime) after a US contractor was killed and several US soldiers were wounded in a rocket attack on the US base in K-1, Iraq.

Targeted Iraq and Syria.Pictures of Kataeb Hezbollah headquarters in Iraq after US attack on Sunday.

Dozens were killed and wounded in a simultaneous US attack on five Islamic Republic-backed bases and weapons stockpiles on both sides of the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Al-Arabiya News Network has reported the deaths of two members of the Revolutionary Guards and five members of the Hashal al-Sha’abi in the attack.Kataeb Hezbollah, which is a constituent of the Hezbollah, has carried out numerous rocket attacks in recent months on US bases in Iraq, most recently killing a US civilian contractor.