Aircraft carrier strike group of the Royal British Navy, led by the HMS Queen Elizabeth, entered the South China Sea while China preps

UK to China: HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier group to sail through disputed international waters in the South China Sea – and ships will remain permanently in the region, according to Britain’s Defence Secretary.


Crews of the basic KQ-200 anti-submarine aircraft of the separate anti-submarine regiment of the Southern Fleet of the PLA Navy conducted a tactical flight exercise with the development of tasks for complex types of training.  According to the LTU plan, the crews of anti-submarine aircraft practiced tasks over the water area of ​​the South China Sea.  The pilots improve the skills of passing a given course over non-orientated terrain, the coherence of actions when piloting in the absence of ground radio-technical means of air navigation, carry out an independent search, classification and tracking of submarines of the imaginary enemy with the integrated use of radar and hydroacoustic detection equipment.  They are preparing to meet the British AUG led by the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (R 08), which entered the South China Sea.  The KQ-200 aircraft became the first modern basic patrol aircraft in the PRC and was created on the basis of a deep modernization of the Y-8 medium turboprop transport aircraft – a modified copy of the Soviet An-12.