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Netlify 2 – Web hosting for static website through a CLI environment.

OverAPI 2

Realm 2

Stackshare tools 4 – See which open source tools are trending across StackShare.


WebGL water 3


Bitcoin now 1 – See the current Bitcoin price.

Booking 1

Etsy 1 – Online Shopping Platform.

Finviz 1

Massdrop 2 – Community-Driven Commerce.

Patreon – Join your favorite creator’s community and pay them for making the stuff you love.

Paypal 1

Trading view 4


Checkio 7 – Games for coding.

Code combat 10 – Programming Game designed for Students.

Codewars 4

Codingame 4 4 – Simple way to find and share indie games online for free.

General 2

AlternativeTo 3 – Crowdsourced software recommendations of alternative free software.

Arbital – Hybrid blogging and wiki platform.


Arxiv 3 – Open access to 1,364,248 e-prints in STEM fields.

Azquotes 1 – Thousands of quotes by thousands of people.


Beta Observable 1 – Discover insights faster and communicate more effectively with interactive notebooks for data analysis, visualization, and exploration. 1

Brilliant – Online math brain puzzles.


Chemdiary 3 – Track your drug, research chemical and nootropic use.

Coderpad – Similar to Google Docs, but can execute code.

Couchsurfing 1 – Meet and stay with locals all around the world.

Coworking coffee – Find workplaces with coffee and wifi, curated by the community.

Daybook 1 – Online Notebook.

Desmos – Online Graphing Utility.


Digital ocean 1

Dribble 1


Exercism – Online execution of programming problems.

Favourite and forget

Firebase – Tools from Google for developing Apps.

Gitbook – Collaboration platform using Git as a backbone.

Gitxiv 1 – Online space to share collaborative open computer science projects.

Goodreads – Track which books you’ve read.

Google dashboard
Google docs – Online collaboration for all your office documents.

Google forms – Quick and easy quizzing or polling.

Google project
Google slides

Google trends – Discover what people are searching about.

Grouvee – Track your video game collection.

Hackerrank 4

HackMD – Realtime, Multiplatform Collaborative Markdown note editor.

Heroku apps
How stuff works 3

IFTT – Find Applets. 5 – Torrent Tracker.


Jupyter notebook – RStudio Style Markdown Notebooks done in Python.

Learn anything 5 – Platform for knowledge discovery that helps you understand any topic through the most efficient paths, as voted by the community.

Letters of note – Attempts to gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos.

Lobsters 1 – Technology-focused community centered around link aggregation and discussion.

Matrix multiplication 1

Namecheap – Cheap Website Domains.

Nofile 2 – Simple and secure file sharing.

Npm – npm is the package manager for JavaScript and the world’s largest software registry.

Numbeo – Collection of Web pages containing numerical and other itemizable data about cities and countries.

Pastebin – Store any text online for easy sharing.

Pinboard (popular)
Pinboard (recent)

Pinterest – Pin online ideas to a central board for later. Navigate to other people’s pins as well.

Pocket – Save internet links for later.

Product hunt 3
Project euler
Reddit grid 1

Rocumentaries 1 – Curated links to documentaries.

Scholarpedia – Peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia, where knowledge is curated by communities of experts.
Six Degrees of Wikipedia – Find the shortest navigation paths between any two Wikipedia pages.

Skyscanner – Global travel search site.

Skytorrents – Torrent Tracker.

Snoopsnoo – Discover about Reddit Users based on their post history.

Stack real time
Stack share
Startup tracker

Topl – Community-driven curation for lists.

Trakt – Track which TV shows and Movies you’ve watched.

Tumblr – Blogging Website.

Tvtropes – Read about “Tropes” in popular usage.

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