The US logistics convoy was targeted by an RPG in Iraq

A US Army logistics convoy was attacked by an RPG in Dhi Qar, Iraq, near the Al-Sabah oil field

Rocket attack on US military base in Syria

Al-Arabiya news network reported that two rockets hit the Koniko oil well in Deir ez-Zor, Syria.

Meanwhile, the Telegram base “Saberin News” reported the firing of four 107 mm rockets at the US military base in Deir ez-Zor.

U.S. logistics convoy attacked in Nasiriyah, Iraq.

Ashab al-Kahf resistance group released this video of the attack.

Reportedly, this is the first time that current Iraqi resistance groups have used RPG29s to target U.S. convoys.

Ashab Al-Kahf also announced that the highway to southern Iraq is part of the Islamic Resistance operation area and that any convoy belonging to the United States will be targeted.