As a part of our efforts to expose the long-term cooperation between Mahan Air and the QF, and following our exposure of the Hamrah and Utab Gasht companies, we investigated the identities of the people involved in carrying out this operation, both Mahan Air employees and QF members alike.
All the information here is based on findings from internal Mahan Air emails and documents, as well as various information saved on the Mahan Air network and publicly available information found on the internet.
Following is the information we currently have regarding these people, starting with the Mahan Air employees who have been using their company as a QF cover by managing this cooperation:

Hamid Arab-Nejad is the CEO of Mahan Air, and also the most senior person in the company, and we assess (with great likelihood) that he is personally involved in overseeing the work with QF. Additionally, it is evident that he is assisting QF with their deals in various fields. We will delve deeper into one of those fields in a future exposure. Hamid’s Iranian national ID number is 2992420875 , you can reach him at or at the number: 989121447090.
We have also attached some personal identification, here is Hamid’s passport and ID, as well as his fingerprint on a signed document:


Captain Maghfoori, the substitute to Arab-Nejad (CEO), is also involved in assisting QF through the exploitation of his civilian front, and leading the cooperation with them. He even personally managed the transfer of Hejazzi’s corpse on a Mahan aircraft. You can reach him at or at the number: 989131404227.

Name of God
Dear Mr. Mohajeri
Respectfully yours, I, Mehran Khazaei, received the day shift from Mr. Kalhor on 01/30/1400 at 6:00 AM, and I will describe my work report as follows.
19:00 By order of Captain Maghfouri to carry the body of Sardar MOR1: Flight from Tehran to Isfahan 4539 with registration
Hejazi, commander of the Quds Force, along with 50 others who had decided to land at Badr garrison due to low security.
Arriving at Badr garrison, it was decided to land at Isfahan airport.
12:00 for a female passenger who was pregnant due to MMA2: Delay in flight Dubai to Tehran 0060 with registration
Dr. Khameki’s order, which was the passenger’s blood sugar and blood, the passenger got off the flight and then the flight was done.
(This caused a 30-minute delay.)
Wednesday, 02/01/1400 at 16:30 by order of MME3 Business Unit: Tehran to Sulaimaniyah flight 5058 with registration
Was canceled.
11:00 due to late arrival of passengers and late opening of MMQ4 gate: delay in flight from Guangzhou to Tehran 0080 with registration
Failure to board 34 passengers due to passport checks caused a 45-minute delay.
(The reason why the 34 passengers did not board was because the Chinese government understood the large number of passengers traveling to Iran and from Iran to Dubai for illegal work or smuggling in general.)
17:50 Flying due to technical defect of the engine during the call of Captain MOB5: Flight from Tehran to Sirjan 1063 with the registry
The flight landed at Mehrabad Airport and the captain did not continue to Sirjan
It is presented for information and awareness.

Hossein Ebrahimi is head of the Commerce Section at Mahan Air. As a part of his position at the Commerce Department, Ebrahimi receives information regarding the Hamrah Company’s charter flight requests and any reports regarding this company, and personally signs off on all of the payment receipts to the Hamrah CEO – Gol Parast. These receipts are also sent through the mailboxes of two Commerce Department employees, Mehrnaz Noroozi and Pouneh Ahmadi. All these employees are deeply familiar with the Hamrah Company and their questionable business. In addition, Ebrahimi is aware of the company’s efforts to hide its’ activity in the means we exposed. You can reach him at or at the number: 989124934159.

Majid Kargaran, the substitute head of the Commerce Section, is a key element in the Commerce Department’s operation. Kargaran receives many correspondences regarding Hamrah and QF related matters, is in direct contact with Mahmud Kakhki and Mohammad Esmaeili, and acts as a mediator between them and planning functions in Mahan Air regarding matters such as dispatching charter flights. All of the deposits, monthly reports, documents and tickets which are relevant to the Hamrah Company, are sent to Kargaran. He is personally involved in the Hamrah Company’s business, and is aware of their concealment activity. Kargaran’s Iranian national ID number is 47459727, You can reach Majid at or at the number: 989124957917.

Parisa Ahmadi, an employee of the Administration Bureau, is regularly and thoroughly involved in assisting the Hamrah Company to operate and order flights. Furthermore, she confirms ticket orders and passenger lists for Hamrah, and is in direct contact with QF members. Her Iranian national ID number is 310402654, and you can reach her at Parisa.Ahmadi@MahanAir.Aero.

Mahdi Asghari, a Commerce Section employee, relays a weekly report regarding the delays in Mahan flights. It is evident from the content of these reports that he is well aware of the nature of the Hamrah Company, and still continues to cooperate with it – he refers to Gol Parast by name as well as ‘Sardar’, and orders that the Hamrah Company delays should be handled by their ‘senior commander’, (Farmandeh). You can reach Mahdi at

Reyhaneh Mozaffari deals with customers and marketing in the Middle East and is highly involved in managing the Hamrah Company’s financial matters, their deposits and their accounts with Mahan Air. Furthermore, Mozaffari is in direct contact with Utab Gasht’s Mohammad Esmaeili in that context. She coordinates these matters with Jamileh Zaremikal and Hossein Ali Shabani. Her Iranian national ID number is 80212174, and you can reach her at

Maryam Bani-Amam is the Middle East Regional Manager at Mahan Air, as a part of her position, Bani-Amam is actively involved in coordinating Hamrah company orders and charter flights, and handling its passengers. The entire Tehran-Damascus line is her responsibility, and she is well aware of who uses it and for what purposes. Her Iranian national ID number is 451661427, and you can reach her at Maryam.BaniAmam@Mahan.Aero.


Next, we’ll be exposing the QF officials who have been abusing this civilian airline and its passengers, as well as the worldwide civil aviation community, for their terrorist plots.

By Treadstone 71

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