Lab Dookhtegan Part 4

در پی وعده یمان در مبارزه علیه وزارت اطلاعات ما در اینجا از مشخصات شخصی شانزدهمین لکه ننگ این سازمان پرده بر می داریم. اطلاعات وسیعی برای افشاگری در اختیار داریم. دنبال کنید و به اشتراک بگذارید.

As we promised for our fight against the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence, we are exposing information about another shameful employee (number 16) of this ministry. We have a lot more to expose. Follow us and share.

Hossein Khan Beigi حسین خان بیگی

MOIS/APT34/Oilrig Hacker


We continue to disclose the ability to hack and infiltrate the intelligence ministry to expose the organization for its sinister goals. This ability includes tutorials on how to understand the concepts of Assembly, PE, Debugger, Exploit, and more. This cursed organization uses these abilities to prosecute innocent compatriots.
Here is the last section of the four sections below for disclosure.