Iran uses civilian planes to ship weapons and soldiers to Damascus. #humanshields

Here are the IRGC members and officials involved in the exploitation of countless Mahan Air passengers as human shields for IRGC Quds Force terrorists and their supplies and weapons.

در این قسمت افشاگری‌ها اسامی اعضای نیروی قدس سپاه پاسداران را می‌خوانید که مسافران بی‌گناه بی‌شماری را سپر تروریست‌ها و جنگ‌افزار سپاه قدس قرار داده و می‌دهند.

Ali Naghi Gol-Parast is a Sardar in the IRGC-QF, CEO of the Hamrah Company and is senior in managing the Tehran-Damascus flight axis. This is only a part of the extensive activity he operates for QF, including the many suspicious transfers carried through the Qeshm Fars Company, which have been previously exposed.

علی نقی گلپرست، سردار سپاه قدس و مدیر عامل شرکت همره از مهره‌های اصلی مدیریت پروازهای محور تهران-دمشق به حساب می‌آید. این اما تنها بخشی از فعالیت‌های گسترده‌ای است که از طرف سپاه قدس انجام می‌دهد که نمونه دیگری از زمینه فعالیت وی، حمل و انتقال‌های مشکوک متعددی به وسیله پروازهای شرکت فارس ایر قشم می‌باشد که این موضوع قبلاً افشا شده است

Mahmud Kakhki is a key QF member who is directly in charge of managing the flight axis via Mahan Air. Kakhki is also closely connected to Mahan Air employees and management, and it appears that he has direct access to the company as he personally authorizes QF members’ flights and excess baggage. Additionally, Kakhki ordered at least 800 tickets between Tehran and Damascus for passengers named ‘Hamrah Hamrah’ during the past year. You can reach him at the number: 989908564530.

Mr. Hosseini, who authorizes the boarding of QF members listed as ‘Hamrah Hamrah’ on flights, is a QF member from to the same department as Kakhki, and is also in charge of coordinating flights. You can reach him at the number: 989109821448.

Morteza Esma’ili, or Mr. Esmaeili, authorizes the boarding of passengers listed as ‘Hamrah Hamrah’ on flights. Esmaeili is a QF official and Kakhki’s replacement (as detailed in a letter relayed to Hosseini Ebrahimi). Up until recently, Esmaeili was working in Syria, and has ordered approximately 800 tickets from there over the past year. His Iranian national ID number is 602373451, and you can reach him at the number: 989903399874.

We hope the information on these involved persons will help stop QF activities around the world.

Though we had seemingly found most of the involved persons in the Mahan-QF cooperation, take into mind though that because of the nature of our sources, we’re sure there are quite a few additional QF members tied to this cooperation.
We also haven’t mentioned any of the actual QF activities tied to this cooperation yet, but all will come in due time.

By Treadstone 71

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