August 16, 2020, Anti-Government Protests in Belarus continued for another day, with 🇪🇺 Pro-EU Opposition calling for mass demonstrations, waving the White-Red flags of Independence, as Lukashenko embraces a major chaos in the Eastern European country.

Russian Support for Belarus

The scale of the rallies that are anti-government and pro-EU is unprecedented. Lukashenko will need Putin’s support to remain in power. Security forces continue to disguise themselves as civilian protestors to identify leadership of the protests for nighttime kidnappings. Disguised security forces also provoking violence during the pro-EU protests. This is to force a government response and the support of Putin’s forces. 

Thousands are present in MInsk and others major cities.

Pro-Lukashenka demonstrations held 1.5 hours after the massive Anti-Lu
kashenka demonstrations.  Much smaller – fewer attended by scores of thousands.
Lukashenka instructed to transfer a paratrooper brigade from Vitebsk to Grodno | 15-08-20
— “President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko ordered to transfer paratroopers from Vitebsk (Russian Border) to Grodno (Polish border).
— “We cannot calmly observe what is happening in these territories (in the West – IF). Our military is also worried about this problem. Therefore, I will ask additionally, since the tense situation on the western border, to transfer the airborne brigade from Vitebsk to Grodno.” , – Lukashenka said on the air of the Belarus 1 TV channel on Sunday.

In Belarus, special operations forces include the 38th separate guards airborne assault brigade (Brest), the 103rd separate guards airborne brigade (Vitebsk), the 5th separate special purpose brigade (Maryina Gorka).”

Belarus will hold exercises of missile forces and artillery near Belarusian | 15-08-20

— “From 17 to 20 August, the units of the missile forces and artillery of the Armed Forces of Belarus will conduct exercises in the area near Ostrovets (near the BelNPP, Grodno region, near the border with Lithuania – IF), the Ministry of Defense of the country reported.
“From 17 to 20 August, in accordance with the training plan of the Armed Forces, a number of tactical exercises with batteries of rocket battalions will be held at military training grounds and separate areas of the terrain, with a move to the area near Ostrovets, the Gozhsky and Neman ranges. will carry out the tasks of interceding on combat duty at designated targets, “the Defense Ministry said in a statement.
The report also notes that “units of 147, 1146 and 740 anti-aircraft missile regiments moved to the designated areas and took up air defense combat duty within the framework of guarding the State border of the Republic of Belarus in the airspace.””

-Russian Media

— “Airborne troops brigade is being deployed to Hoza military training area at Lithuania border to enforce the border – Ministry of Defense of Belarus”

Pro-Lukashenka Rally

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Journalist, Franak Viačorka on August 16, 2020:

— “”Lukashenka is our President,” “Belarusians decide on their fate”, “We are united,” – slogans at the pro-Lukashenka rally today. Many people were brought in an organized way by buses and training from all over the country.

It looks like Anti-Maidan in Ukraine, in 2014″

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