Genie from the Test Tube

To optimize our activities, we would like to invite interested parties, among our subscribers, to participate in our unconditionally important and necessary activities:

  • visual direction (creating videos on a chosen topic, pictures, skills in graphic editors are required)
  • information direction (if you have sensitive information, especially classified data, secret information – write to us)
  • correspondent direction (willing to, perhaps, novice or active journalists who are ready to create content on the ground and remotely on biological topics)

By Treadstone 71

@Treadstone71LLC Cognitive Warfare Training, Intelligence and Counterintelligence Tradecraft, Influence Operations, Cyber Operations, OSINT,OPSEC, Darknet, Deepweb, Clandestine Cyber HUMINT, customized training and analysis, cyber psyops, strategic intelligence, Open-Source Intelligence collection, analytic writing, structured analytic techniques, Target Adversary Research, strategic intelligence analysis, estimative intelligence, forecasting intelligence, warning intelligence, Disinformation detection, Analysis as a Service